10 Unusual Places To Visit In Japan

Visit Japan to experience a myriad of truly unusual sights such as Cat Island, Robot Cabaret, a Clone Factory or even a stay in a capsule hotel.

Unique Japanese Excursions

Japan is a fascinating blend of modernity mixed with tradition. Religious shrines are found nestled among neon skyscrapers, whilst the young are firmly focused on futuristic fashion trends, yet still partake in ancient customs and rituals.

Japan is a truly mind-blowing place to visit – here are ten of the most unusual places to see during your trip.


Cat Island

The island of Tashirojima is home to more cats than people. Locals believe that cats are representative of good luck and fortune, so they take great care of their feline friends. Although there are less than 100 people living on Tashirojima, the island is regularly frequented by curious travelers who come to see the kitties.

Jigokudani Park

Jigokudani roughly translates as ‘Hell’s Valley’ and is named so due to the icy cold temperatures, tough landscape and the bubbling hot springs in the area. The unusual thing about these natural pools is that each winter they are filled with snow monkeys, which makes it a surreal place to choose for a spa retreat.

Tea Ceremony

A trip to Japan is not complete without a visit to a tea room to take part in an intimate tea ceremony. The focus is very much on the interplay between the host, the guests and the tea utensils. Typically a traditional ceremony will last several hours as guests are encouraged to use all five of their senses to enjoy their tea.

Bunny Cafes

Whilst there are over 50 different types of cat cafes in Tokyo, the lesser known bunny cafes are equally as intriguing. Guests must order their beverage, select their rabbit and then cuddle it for about 30 minutes before returning it to its cage.

Takokunuma Greenland

This former theme park is located 250km north of Tokyo and is shrouded in mystery. It opened in the 1970s and enjoyed several spells of success but then the park finally closed in 1999 and has since been left abandoned. Whilst many of the roller-coasters have been demolished, there are still multiple remnants of the amusements which are now found among the surrounding forest.


Capsule Hotels

If you want to stay in a truly unusual style of accommodation that is indicative of the culture in Tokyo, then check yourself into a capsule hotel. Climb up a ladder and into your designated pod for a good night’s sleep.

Robot Cabaret

Technology and dance come together at the Robot Cabaret in Tokyo. It is an incredibly entertaining laser show that includes humans dressed as giant pandas, ninjas and dinosaurs too.

Canned Food Bar

The Mr Kanso chain of bars in Tokyo is enjoying a surge in popularity this year. Visitors to the bar are presented with a diverse list of 350 items, all of which come from a can. Delights such as tuna, spam, pate or even bear curry are served alongside plastic utensils!

Wisteria Tunnel

A beautiful tunnel of cascading flowers can be found at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu. The tunnel is made from pastel-coloured wisteria which wind ornately around a woven structure. Full bloom occurs in late April or early May.

Clone Factory

Ever fancied seeing a synthetic version of yourself? If you’re willing to part with $1,750, then you can have a 3D cloned model of your head printed out and stuck to a 20 inch doll at the Clone Factory in Akihabara.

These are just a small selection of the incredible experiences you can enjoy during a visit to Japan. See this amazing country for yourself and book a trip today.




  • Great unusual ideas! I visited Japan in November and only ticked off one ‘unusual place’ being a capsule hotel – I loved the privacy that they provided and I would highly recommend. I was worried it would feel like sleeping in a coffin (claustraphobic) but it didn’t at all.

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