30 incredible photos of the Maldives

30 incredible photos of the Maldives

The impossibly beautiful and unspoiled Maldives has become synonymous with luxury holidays.

To give you a feel for the sense of serenity and natural wonder that these remarkably tranquil islands offer to its lucky visitors, here are 30 breath-taking photos that perfectly capture their essence, courtesy of Carrier.co.uk.

1. A colorful Maldives sunset bathes stilted villas in an enchanting purple glow…

1 Purple sunset

2. …And when morning comes, sunrise paints the sky with flashes of light and plump, billowing clouds.

2 Sunrise in the West Maldives

3. The Maldives is renowned for its spectacular coral reefs. Look closely and you’ll notice the distinctive Regal Angelfish here.

3 Coral reef

4. An early morning stroll along the untouched pure white sands will make you feel as if you’re the only two people in the whole world.

4 Cocoa Island

5. Look up – the sprawling Dhivehi Ruh (Coconut Palm), which you’ll notice throughout the islands, is the national tree of the Republic of Maldives.

5 Dhivehi Ruh Coconut Palm

6. Take a diving trip while you’re in the Maldives and you may well make yourself a colorful new friend, like this laced moray eel, down on the seabed.

6 Honeycomb moray eel

7. Locals steer a small boat across the calm waters that lay between the islands…

7 Boat

8. …While a sailboat watches on as the sun goes down on another beautiful day.

8 Maldives sunset

9. Of course, the turquoise tinged, crystal clear waters that stretch far out before you are one of the main attractions at this luxurious holiday destination.

9 Water

10. A school of Kashmir Snapper weaves its way along.

10 Kashir Snapper fish

11. A local boy enjoys another spectacular sunset on ViliMale’ beach.

11 Vilmare sunset

12. The night sky is punctuated with the brightest stars here.

12 Maldives during Earth Hour 2009

13. A bright blue boat to go with the bright blue sky and the bright blue waters!

13 Blue

14. Vivid color is everywhere in the Maldives – in fact, even the dangerous crown jellyfish are strangely beautiful.

14 Crown jellyfish

15. See how the sand and coral reef create a striped effect across the water? Another stunning natural wonder.

15 Sand and sea

16. Total peace can be yours in your isolated island retreat.

16 From above

17. A fishing crew tackle the seas of the Maldives, which is a popular destination for professional and amateur fishers alike.

17 Fishermen

18. Prefer surfing? You’ll find the islands offer plenty of opportunities to break out your board.

18 Wave

19. The five-star hotels of the Maldives often boast especially indulgent stilted accommodation that’s accessed via networks of jetties.

19 Resort from above

20. Watch through the palm as day transform to night in a colourful sunset display.

20 Sunrise through palms

21. Another undersea wonder –a giant clam in vivid blue.

21 Clam

22. ‘House reefs’ offer unrivalled views over the waters.

22 Rooms

23. More dazzling orange skies across the Maldives.

23 Pier

24. Did you know that coconuts come in yellow too!? You should be sure to take a sip of the sweet water contained within during your visit.

24 Coconuts

25. The Maldives the perfect place to relax and reflect… (credit: )

26. After a day of enjoying everything the islands have to offer, returning to your stilted room along a route lit with lanterns feels truly magical.

26 Walkway

27. Rain might be rare here, but a rainbow is always welcome…

27 Rainbow

28. The majestic hawksbill turtle glides just above the reef, ready to great inquisitive divers.

28 Turtle

29. Waves crash against a rocky artificial beach, creating a wondrous sense of drama.

29 Artificial beach

30. And, of course, your arrival to the Maldives offers a unique chance for you to take in its splendour from above.

30 Air

If you’re looking for more Maldives inspiration, be sure to check out this great guide to the Maldives from Jade over at OurOyster. I’m definitely interested in visiting after reading Jade’s articles and seeing all these photos. If you have any Maldives advice please share in the comments below!