5 ingredients to perfect Pancakes

I finally found the best pancake recipe.

It is simple, easy, and you will always get great pancakes from it. No need for those boxed mixes anymore, impress your breakfast guests with this easy recipe! Now I do have another recipe for pancakes on this site, but this is my current favorite.




Now that I’ve shown you how easy it is, let me further motivate you:




I love them with frozen blueberries. The trick to adding frozen blueberries is to roll the frozen berries around in some of the self rising flour so they don’t bleed and make your pancake batter blue. Since living in Thailand taught us to use honey for our pancakes, we kept doing it in this past year while living in Australia.¬†

We picked a tasty local honey from our farmer’s market¬†perfect for our sweet pancakes.

I hope you like the new Recipe card formatting, leave me a comment below and tell me what you think! And let us know how your pancakes turn out!


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