5 Romantic Places to celebrate Valentine’s Day around the world

Different people have different ideas for romance, but over here we decided to pick 5 romantic places to celebrate Valentine’s Day around the world- definitely some good contenders here. I mean, it doesn’t have to be all romance and flowers- lets have an adventure!

#1- Learning about ancient archaeological ruins in Peru

We spent the day exploring these ruins and imagining the people who lived there, sacrificial ceremonies and all. Pretty unromantic for those who were sacrificed, but a cool idea, wandering around ruins and exploring ancient Peru! These are the ruins of Tambo Colorado near Pisco, Peru.


#2- Diving with gigantic schools of fish and sharks in Borneo

Nothing says romance like sharks! Seriously, am I the only one who gets turned on by swimming with sharks and gigantic schools of travelly and barracudas? Besides the fact that getting to Borneo is an adventure in itself, being able to scuba dive off the uninhabited island of Sipadan is definitely a special moment with your special someone.


#3- Enjoying a sunset dinner overlooking the Aegean sea in Turkey

Sunsets, Turkish food, and photographing ancient Greek cities? Romance baby. Definitely. This was a fancy hotel in Kusadasi where we had a splurge after walking around all day exploring Ephesus. Trust me, dinner was just as good as the view. 


#4- Camping on a deserted beach, South Island, New Zealand

I’ve still not written about the most magical campsite we’ve ever stayed at on New Zealand’s South Island. Just getting there- in the dark and on roads that were semi-washed away, was an adventure. Waking up to a deserted beach with your campervan? Wine and empty beaches? How much more romantic can you get?


#5- Romantic candlelit dinner in Bali

I know people talk shit about Bali, and blah blah, yea there is a lot of tourism. For a good reason. You can still find a calm slice of deserted Balinese life if you search for it. This night happened to be special for Mike’s birthday- so they made him a hat from banana leaves. I’d like to think that if I asked for one for Valentines Day, they’d make me one, right? I mean, this was the Oberoi– fancy you know?



So there you have it. If we could return to any of these spots for Valentine’s Day, we would in a heartbeat. The best part? In 7 years, we’ve never been together for Feb.14th, but that’s a whole other story…


Tell us- where would you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What would your day be like?

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