6 Great iOS Apps For The Nomadic Worker

Admittedly some apps don’t always fit the bill whether they are free or not. When a good one does come along money isn’t usually the issue. Only the  functionality.  Here’s the current ones that earned some of  my hard earned dollars/loyalty. 


Opera Mini (Free)

My personal favorite browser in countries where free WiFi is hard to find and data plans are pricey.(I’m looking at you Australia) Now I must admit it has drawbacks in terms of rendering certain pages, but the compression feature of this browser makes it  hard to dismiss in areas where data is at a premium.



Documents To Go($9.99 basic $16.99 premium) 

Ever need to open a word document/PDF while you’re on the go?  This little guy handles many Microsoft Office formats and Adobe PDFs natively. You can edit Excel, Word, and Powerpoint documents right on your iOS device.  Almost everything you need to receive, edit, and return correspondence from your device.

**Premium version includes Google Docs, Sugar Sync, Dropbox, and Box.net cloud sync along with a free download that enables wifi sync from your laptop/desktop.


Air Display($9.99)

Have a light weight laptop with a small screen and need some extra real estate? You’re in luck. This little app uses a “helper” program on your PC/MAC and extends your desktop to your iPad.  At first it was a novelty, but quickly earned its keep by saving me from having to purchase an app for my already current MLB.tv subscription.

One minor drawback I could see was it defaulting the resolution on the laptop to the iPad’s native resolution.  Not a deal breaker in my line of work, but might be seen as a con.


Occasionally business needs require me to send faxes. Without nearby fax I found it extremely convenient to send from anywhere I had a data connection. Allows you to send internationally at no extra cost.It’s free to download and costs $0.99 for up to 5 pages per fax. Easy to add PDF’s, signatures, and local files from your device. The free email confirmation of your fax being sent is a nice touch as well.

Galileo (Free to download, $1.99 for offline import function,$1.99 for bookmark function, $1.99 for track recording or $3.99 for all three.)

I am not sure how long this one has been around, but I just recently found this one and really like the offline map function.  It includes several free maps that update(with wifi/3G connection) or you can make your own custom maps using the free MOBAC Software.

The app lets you even save bookmarks and record your tracks offline. It will even let you adjust the level of detail when creating your own map.(Larger file size, but worth the space in my opinion) The learning curve wasn’t too steep and the app works well on/offline.  Map creation took about an hour for a fully detailed map of New Zealand.  We don’t travel very lightly so anytime I can trim the fat, I try.

Bonus:   If you own more than one iOS device, the purchase will transfer for free to any other device associated with your iTunes account.



(This one is more for the “taking a break from work” category)

The newest addition to my collection and currently the most interesting  in terms of what content it delivers.  You register on the site and then in the app add “Traps” of information. Enter a keyword or genre and it will retrieve articles within those areas of interest. It allows you thumb up or down articles to help make your traps fit your tastes better. Almost like Pandora, except it feels like it does a better job of finding what you like.



We all have apps that we rely on to make our businesses run smoother. I discover new useful apps all the time and I hope to be writing a follow up post in the next few months.

So if you’re working while you travel, which apps would you recommend? Any favorites? Please feel free to share in the comments below!


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