6 items you probably don’t pack but should

6 Items to definitely pack with you when traveling

Packing, for some people, is the worst thing that can happen. It is pretty hard to remember everything a person can need while traveling and it can be pretty easy to forget something small, but essential. However, there is a group of items you should consider taking with you while traveling, but sometimes you forget until it’s too late. Here is a list of six such things that can be perfect if you are traveling somewhere abroad- or anywhere, for that matter, that should definitely find a place in your bag.

Bilingual Dictionary
Dictionaries are usually left at home because they take up a ton of space, but having one with you on the road can drastically improve the quality of your trip. You can get a tiny bi-lingual dictionary to help you communicate. First of all, you will always get a chance to translate phrases you don’t understand and avoid many surprising situations – for instance, eating something you really don’t want. Second of all, you can start making conversations with local people too. Locals always appreciate tourists who are trying their best to speak a local language, so be one of them and don’t think that everyone around the globe must speak English – in many cases, a few phrases in a foreign language can be all that it takes to find new friends.

Some people can’t leave home without these, so why you should leave a country without them too? Having headphones with you can also be a deal breaker in many cases, especially if you are going to travel for a long time. The fact that you can always listen to your favorite music, watch TV shows or movies wherever you are without bothering other people around you is always better than listening to your music out loud. Therefore, pack your headphones with you as well, and enjoy your music as you drown out that baby crying 3 rows ahead of you on that long flight.

Duct tape
Most of us definitely leave this item at home and usually never pack it, but in fact, it can save you from a lot of unpleasant situations and can actually be pretty handy too! From fixing your over packed-with-souvenirs luggage to removing lint from your clothing, such small, but a genuinely helpful item can help you out in a lot of situations! Let’s not forget such things as baby-proofing hotel rooms or holding pinching together those hotel curtains to block out the light- you’ll definitely want to travel with a small roll of duct tape.

Wet Wipes
Wet wipes
Another thing we usually leave at home, but should take with us is a pack of wet wipes. And yes – they are not just for babies! A pack of wet wipes can help you stay clean and fresh for the whole trip even when where is no shower around you for a few days. It can also be like a mini hand sanitizer, or it can be used to clean stuff like doorknobs, toilet seats and so on. Therefore, a bag of wet wipes should definitely be in your traveling bag. There is no feeling like feeling fresh and clean, especially on long hot bus rides or freshening up after a long airplane journey.

Safety pins
Pins are another excellent multi-functioning tool you should never forget packing. Hook the zippers of your day pack, use them in place of a missing button, zipper pull, or to repair other wardrobe malfunctions nobody enjoys or even tacking up pant legs. A bag of safety pins won’t take up much space, and it can be so useful, that you won’t understand why you’ve never thought of packing them before.

Reusable water bottle
I think this is the most important thing you should bring with you while traveling. Not only is it Eco-friendly (because you won’t buy tons of plastic water bottles and throw them away afterward), it can help you stay hydrated too. Fill it up after getting through airport security and you will have a bottle of water on the longest flight without any problem. Not to mention bottles of water are always triple the price at the airport. Therefore, invest in a reusable water bottle (these Sears online deals and coupons can be handy for that) and you’ll definitely save some money, not to mention you’ll never be thirsty.

Any other items you always travel with? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you can’t travel without!

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