A cozy apartment rental in Merida for travelers-Merida Suites


After our expensive first nights’ stay here in Merida, we looked around for cheaper lodgings. This town was definitely a laid back chill spot -our kind of place. The only town so far in Venezuela that felt, and in fact was, quite safe to walk around, even at night. Taking a stroll around we saw a small cafe and within it-Merida Suites. Merida Suites has 5 apartments for rent and one became our home for the next week. We decided to try it out for several reasons: they had a washer/dryer combo in the apartment, and it was relatively cheap. Almost half as much as we paid the night before but we’d be getting twice as much space-the apartment has a living room, dining room, balcony, and the washer/dryer. This place was heaven as far as I was concerned. I set about washing everything in my pack whether it was clean or dirty. The next couple of days saw us enthusiastically attempting as many extreme sports as possible and it was great to come back sweaty and tired and know we could clean the clothes practically while we slept.

We really liked the hospitality that the folks here showed us. If we needed something, we just asked and they tried their best to accommodate us.  On our 3rd or 4th day we had to use the fax machine and although it only worked half the the time, they let us use it for free. They also allowed us to make a few local calls gratis as well. We made the most of the kitchen facilities-cooking almost all  our daily meals in the apartment. The kitchen had pots and pans but we did have to make a trip to the grocery store around the corner for a spatula-you try flipping eggs on a non-stick pan! The kitchen also came with a cafetera(to make coffee) and a microwave.

When we got to drinking the local beer-and you always want to get the Polar ‘Verde’ (in our opinion it’s the tastiest and strongest)-our host downstairs took our beer order like the best bartender you ever had. He personally went to the store to get us a dozen beers. They were ice cold and cost about $1.00 a bottle. Pretty cheap. The best part was if we ran out of beer (which happened a lot-hey we’re on vacation here!) our friendly host would go back to the store and get us a refill. Truly amazing service. If you stay longer than a week you might get a discount, which would make this place a bargain.   There is a grocery store  owned by a friendly Chinese family just up the block  to the left that sells milk and almost anything else you can think of (we bought our spatula here), as well as various small mercados on several corners close by that also sell fresh fruit and veggies.  We found a stash of homemade yogurt at the closest one to the apartment-a most delicious treat made in several fruity flavors such as strawberry, plum, and something pumkiny but also very good. There are also small carnicerias (butcher shops) that sell meat and cheeses cheaper than the supermarket. We paid about $40 bucks a night give or take  for our stay, but the service and the quality of the spacious apartment made it worth it for us. We’d definitely stay here again.

Merida Suites (near the Plaza Espejo)

Ave 8 Parades between 21st & 22nd Calle

Merida, Venezuela