A final dinner at T’anta in Lima

On my last night in Lima I knew I wanted to visit T’anta. I hadn’t been to this restaurant since the year before and I wanted to see if it was as tasty as I remembered it.

Maracuya sour drink, and a Leek Quiche

I wasn’t going to drink that night, but I was coaxed into trying a Maracuya sour, a close cousin to the Pisco sour made with passion fruit. It was strong and I definitely preferred it over the Pisco sour. The Leek Quiche was not the best mix with my choice of drink but was tasty nonetheless.

Laid back atmosphere at T'anta

I like the laid back atmosphere of T’anta. It was created by one of my favorite Peruvian chefs, Gaston Acurio, and his wife Astrid.  T’anta is Quechua for bread. The dish that I had the year before was no longer on the menu, so I chose a favorite Peruvian dish of mine as my main course that had a twist- Huancaina sauce with cheese ravioli.

Huancaina sauce with cheese ravioli

I visited the Miraflores T’anta (there are 4 of them scattered in Lima), it was walking distance from my hostel near Parque Kennedy.

Juices & Pastries-not to mention yummy desserts

I liked people watching here from my corner perch. I was really sad to leave Peru but glad I had a final night to have some delicious food.

The dessert tray- I picked the cheesecake

I had a berry cheesecake, and took some other treats to go. Yes, I carried them on the plane. That’s how good they are. If you’re in Lima check out one of Gaston y Astrid’s restaurants. There are several options to choose from.

I’ll definitely be back as soon as I can.



Tanta San Isidro
Pancho Fierro 115

Tanta Miraflores
Av. 28 de julio 888

Tanta Chacarilla
Prolongación Primavera 698

Tanta Centro Historico
Pasaje Nicolas de Rivera 142



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