A Lagoon, moody blues, & Frog Waterfalls

While we waited for our flight in Ciudad Bolivar this little plane landed. I stared it thinking: wow- who’s gonna get in THAT thing. Looked like it was ready for retirement, I thought. “Look at that little toy plane babe,” I say.

Mike stared at me for a minute. Then he calmly tells me that this is our ride. My heart starts palpitating fast. Don’t they have regular sized planes we can go on? I start to feel my palms sweat. No big deal, I tell myself. People fly in these planes all the time.

my first time on a 5 seater Cessna

The ride was thrilling. Our pilot had on a regular t-shirt and a broad smile. I was calmed a bit by the fact he looked old and therefore in my mind had been flying planes forever. The plane was old-I mean it was probably the oldest model they had. The navigation system was a something you’d buy for a fishing trip. Halfway through the flight he gets out his cell phone and starts yelling into it.

He’s flying the plane and talking on his cell phone at the same time? Shit.

We put our ipods on and jammed out while we admired the views of waterfalls and tepuis.

















Venezuela has a spectacular waterfall collection

After we arrived at our base camp in Canaima we had a  short nap. I admit, this left me a bit grumpy and the last thing I wanted to do was go look at a waterfall. The best part about traveling with your partner is that they can usual convince you to do something you might not want to at the moment. Like go see a nice waterfall.

We were also celebrating our 3 year anniversary <3

Our guide led the way and as I saw some cool looking insects I really started to snap out of grouchy mode.

Hello Mantis

If this monstrous ant bites you it WILL hurt for 2 days. Crap.

This sea foam is supposed to be good for your skin. You try it and let me know.

We reached the waterfall’s belly. Frog Waterfalls (or more commonly knows as Salto Sapo) is 40 meters high and 120 meters across. And we were about to go into it.

Behind the waterfall!

You get totally soaked at one point and the water is cold, but it feels wonderful. Just hold tight to the rope because the rocks are slippery.

Waterfalls and light

Eventually you end up at the top with views of the towering tepuis in the distance. So glad I decided to experience this instead of letting my mood talk me into staying back at base camp. I would have definitely missed out.

Views from the top of Salto Sapo





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