A Peruvian sauce party

I’m living in Cusco now which is great for me because I love¬†Peruvian¬†food. One of my many favorite dishes is the papa a la huancaina. It’s basically a sauce made with aji (peppers) and cheese, which gets smothered all over potatoes. I eat it all the time but had never made it myself. I enlisted the help of my Peruvian friend Renato, and together we headed to the San Pedro market for ingredients. We decided we’d make 3 sauces using some of the same ingredients. I was having a sauce party.

Aji-used for Huancaina and Ocopa sauce

I sampled the cheese below and decided a nice piece had to come home with me.

Cheese with herbs-yum

These cheeses were used in the sauces.

Left-a less saltier cheese than the Parea, right

While we prepared the sauces Renato popped these delicious treats for us to munch on with our Pisco libres.

A type of maiz that is toasted and coated with salt, usually served with ceviche dishes. The bag on the left is the way it looks when you buy it at the market.

After the potatoes boiled we peeled. A task best done with two people.

Peru has a dizzying variety of potatoes-some varieties we used

Crema de Rocoto ingredients about to become goodness

Ocopa sauce

I’ve known Brynna for years now, having met her for the first time in Puno. She’s since become a great friend, proving that meeting people on the road can produce some of the best friendships. Catherine I met recently through awesome Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic. The recipes were expertly executed by Renato, Brynna’s enamorado.

Catherine, B, y Renato

Egg spinach noodles with a mixture of 2 sauces, Huancaina and Ocopa

I was more than happy to taste the results. Delicious. I’ll be posting recipes for the 3 sauces real soon. Then you can see what I mean.

Potato and sauce heaven

Here’s to more food parties at my house-they rock.

Who else loves Peruvian food?


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