A photo story: Butterfly & Insect Farm, Malaysia

I’d been really missing Peru and its jungle full of insects lately. Sounds crazy but I was having bug withdrawals! Since we knew Malaysia to have a variety of amazing bug creatures we took a trip over to the Selamat Datang Butterfly and Insect Farm.

It turned out to be one of the best days yet on this trip for me.

We started in the Butterfly Farm. Walking within the enclosed screen walls I saw hundreds of delicately beautiful butterflies.

And the biggest moth I’d ever seen chillin’ on the screen wall. The picture might not do him justice but he was large.

We made our way over to the insect part-this was what I had really come here for. Rows and rows of glass cages held exquisitely beautiful and camouflaged insects. I wanted to open all the cages and touch everything, but I knew I’d have to photograph them from afar.

Then my guardian insect angel appeared. One of the workers brought over a bag full of new specimens to place in the enclosures. I decided to ask him if I could hold the insects as he placed them in their new homes.

Once I let on that I was obsessed with bugs, he opened almost all of the enclosures and let me touch EVERYTHING.

He explained which were poisonous, which made special noises, where they all came from, and pointed out the males and females.

I was beside myself with excitement. There was no one else around besides an Italian couple who was more interested in observing from afar so I had lots of time to talk to my new buddies.

Mike stayed behind the camera except to hold a giant beetle. He let me do all the bug lovin’.

The worker said I was very calm and he could tell I really loved touching my new friends. At one point I had 3 scorpions walking on me. I felt like something had led me to this farm and this worker was here at this specific time because he knew I needed me some bugs.

It was such a special day.

Eventually the worker had to leave and I was crushed. We thanked him profusely. He’d made my day and I let him know. We walked around the back end checking out some flowers and such, but my heart was with my new friends.

I told Mike we’d come back the next day but in my heart I knew it might not be the same so I saved this memory in a special place instead.

I know not everyone is lining up to see the insects but the Cameron Highlands has such an array of species in its forests that this place is worth a visit. Even if you come on a tour. Even if you don’t touch any of them. Just come and marvel at their beauty.


The Cameron Highlands has been one of our favorite spots on this journey. If you’re in Malaysia please try to make it over, you won’t be disappointed. There is a lot more to see besides the bugs. There are many hotels in the Cameron Highlands so you’ll always find a place to stay.


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