Video: Amsterdam’s Albert Cuyp street market, the largest in Holland

Video: Amsterdam’s Albert Cuyp street market, the largest in Holland

Amsterdam is so much more than coffee shops and we were surprised by the amount of fresh produce on offer coming into the beginning of winter. Somehow when I thought about Amsterdam and food, I couldn’t really picture what people ate there because on my last visit I didn’t get a chance to visit any markets and see where the locals shopped. With a visit to the Albert Cuyp street market, I found the foodie Amsterdam I’d hoped to see. Its no wonder why this market is so popular with tourist and locals alike.

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Albert Cuyp is the largest street market in Amsterdam, boasting hundred of shops with fresh food, flowers, and all kinds of clothes and trinkets. Situated in De Pijp, meaning ‘The pipe’ this 19th century Latin quarter area is also home to the Heineken brewery & the Rijks museum. The neighborhood is very popular and is host to a multitude of cafes, trendy bars, and has lots of character. Who are we kidding though, I was really there for the FOOD.

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I was so excited to see some exotic fruits like rambutan and Mike was happy to note the overflowing piles of colorful chilis. So many options, you can have almost any kind of food in Amsterdam. Fish, game like venison and quail, and meat and sausages of all kinds. How do people stay so skinny, please someone tell me the secret!

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Here’s our latest video on taking a bite of Amsterdam:

When we were deciding on accommodation for our last week in Amsterdam, we selected this apartment purely based on the gorgeous kitchen since it was Thanksgiving for us so we wanted to celebrate in Amsterdam with a big kitchen for cooking all the traditional American Thanksgiving treats like yams with marshmallows & cranberry sauce. Mike even somehow managed to score some fat turkey legs for us. Instead of traditional apple pie, I made a healthy dessert with some local apples that went down a treat. We really can’t complain as Amsterdam was so very good to us. I’ll have a recipe for this dessert coming up soon!

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Note: We’d like to thank Only-Apartments for sourcing this fantastic apartment rental so that we could have a wonderful holiday cook fest!