A photo collection of Balinese temples

We visited Bali in August and then again in December. I took so many photos of the beautiful temples I thought I’d make a few photo collages to showcase them all. Here are my best Bali temple photos from my time there.

Temples near Padang Bai

We rented a motorbike and just drove around the island taking photos.

2 different temples, 2 different color statues

After hiking the summit of Mount Agung, we stopped at the Besakih temple and saw these women going up and down the stairs with these heavy blocks on their head. I instantly felt like a wimp hiking up with nothing on my back and complaining about my knees, while these ladies worked it out.

Women practicing carrying these heavy blocks up and down stairs at Besakih temple

Besakih temple

There are many statues around Ubud but this one was my favorite. Kinda reminded myself of me, lounging around. See the resemblance?

In Ubud this was my favorite statue.

I felt like we could have spent a few months in Bali just moving around slowly from place to place, my camera and I loved it.

The top 2 are at the water temple and the bottom 2 are at a temple near Padang Bai

Another water temple on the way back from Candidasa

And one last one.

I love the contrast here

Bali was everything I thought it would be and more. I would love to go back in the future, as I felt a special kind of energy there. Once you head away from the touristy towns it becomes quiet and peaceful.

Hopefully these photos will make you want to visit Bali! Tell me what you think, which ones are your favorite shots? Is Bali on your bucket list?


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