Best Restaurants at London Heathrow

Best Restaurants at London Heathrow

In an article by Huffington Post, President James E. Porter asserts that having a delicious meal before you make your way to your boarding gate is one of the most effective ways to unwind from the long immigration lines and tedious security checks. If good food is all it takes to get rid of travel stress, then we should really be paying more attention to the restaurants in airports, especially in tourist-heavy destinations such as London.

Heathrow might be better known as UK’s busiest and the world’s third most hectic aviation hub in terms of passenger traffic, but did you know that it has one of the best selections of eateries scattered across its various terminals?

Next time you’re at Heathrow, make sure you stop by one of these restaurants:

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood-The Star

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood
Treat yourself to European delicacies from the ocean at one of the many locations of Caviar House & Prunier Seafood where they serve Balik salmon, which has been prepared using a 150-year-old process that involves a 25-step smoking technique in the Swiss Alps. Although many dishes are on the pricey end, they also have affordable items, like the large, Russian salmon eggs called “Balik Pearls.”

Fortnum & Mason Champagne Bar-

Fortnum & Mason Champagne Bar
If your flight takes off at an odd hour and you can’t stomach a full meal just yet, then Fortnum & Mason Champagne Bar (open until the last departing flight) might just be the place for you. Aside from their comprehensive range of champagne, cocktails and spirits, the menu also includes a variety of delectable snacks that pair well with their classy beverages, including crumpets and caviar.


Perfectionists’ Cafe-Retail Design Blog

Perfectionists’ Cafe
Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal brought his spin on British specialties and comfort food to Heathrow last year, and first some were taken back by the name since it seemed to display a bit of overconfidence, but he managed to create something that travelers didn’t know they needed: perfected versions of the classics. At the end of your meal, cleanse your palette with a scoop from the futuristic nitrogen ice cream parlor.

What are some of your favorite airport restaurants around the world?


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