Bonjour à nouveau….. de Paris

Before I talk stink, I give to you a photo of, well, you know.

I have arrived from Venice and wow.

I was assigned a cabin with 5, count them, 5 smelly guys on the train. *insert jokes here*

The only places people should be farting are out on the open or in the bathroom.

I happened to make friends with Stephanie, a French photographer coming from the Venice Film festival and her compartment was full of women. We just had to wait for the last person to show up so we could see if it was a man, and by chance it was a Frenchman so we explained the situation to him and he was very nice and we stuck him in my old bed and I changed to the other compartment thank goodness!

Crisis averted and now Paris is seducing me with its graveyards, go-go dancing and dizzying heights.