Budapest Underguide Delicatessen Food Tour

Budapest Underguide Delicatessen Food Tour

We were ready to discover Budapest through its food so when Palma from Budapest Underguide met us at our hotel we happily followed her to the gigantic Central Market and promptly fell in love…So much food!! 

Learned so many things about Budapest food culture, like these little soup pop up shops for lunch takeaway are really popular right now. We stopped in for a soup- even with the cold we did a raspberry soup. Yes, it was cold, like a smoothie but a soup- gotta try it all.

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The Budapest Central Market is enormous and packed with all sorts of belly filling treats. I liked the way this photo came out with the tram in front of the market.

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Our first stop after learning a bit of history about the market was upstairs to the prepared food area for our first hot bite of the day: pork stuffed cabbage slathered with sour cream and more cabbage on the side. We’d had a taste of these already at one of the Christmas markets and this one did not disappoint, although I admit I ate the inside and left Mike the cabbage leftovers…I’m so bad sometimes.


The Central Market Hall in Budapest is the oldest and largest in the city. Its a gigantic market that was renovated in the early 1990’s. The first floor covers all sorts of spices, fruits and veg, with the meat, pork and fish on the basement level. You could wander around for an hour or two just checking out all of the different offerings.

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We walked through a light rain to make our way over to the Jewish quarter and find ourselves at our fist ruin pub. Here in the 7th district, after WWII left the neighborhood looking and feeling dilapidated, the ruin pubs flourished in the last few years and the old buildings were given hip makeovers with the city now boasting over a dozen ruin pubs. Made from old discarded pieces of furniture, the Hungarians have cleverly assembled these spaces to create a modern place for drinking and socializing. The oldest of the ruin pubs is Szimpla Kert, check out the creativity:

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After a few drinks we were ready for our next spot- a local butcher -where we ate this perfect piece of sausage with a thick slice of sourdough bread:

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We finished off the day at the Book Cafe, which is a hidden gem tucked away into the Alexandra bookstore on  Andr├íssy Avenue. Go past the rows of books up to the second floor for a glimpse of the beautiful ceiling painted with frescoes and enjoy some coffee and a sweet treat or two.

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We made a video so you could feel like you were there too. Watch our video and take a trip on this deli tour with us:

The Budapest Underguide has many different tours available that can be customized to suit all travelers, give them a shout and book a tour with them if you head to Budapest!

*Many thanks to the Hungary Tourism Board & the Budapest Underguide for hosting us on this trip!