Camping in Cape Tribulation- our first campervan experience

Living out of a campervan can be someone’s idea of a dream or a nightmare. Although I’ve been in Australia a few months now I had yet to take a road trip. Mike’s birthday came around and we decided to rent a JUCY campa. If you’ve been to Australia chances are you’ve seen one of them, they are pretty hard to miss. 

The drive up the Captain Cook Highway is a must-do in Queensland. A scenic drive that winds and snakes its way up seaside, with several stop off lookout points along the way. It is a gorgeous drive where the ocean and the rainforest come together, one of the few places in the world that this happens in. As we made our way up to Cape Tribulation, we blasted tunes using the cable provided by JUCY to play our Ipod.

We heard the best time to catch the ferry was either mid morning or mid afternoon, but we arrived around lunchtime and luckily only waited about 3 minutes before we paid and were loaded onto the ferry! Crossing the ferry costs $26 R/T Australia dollars, make sure you keep your receipt on you when you return.

We made it up to Cape Tribulation Camping and set up our JUCY van! We picked an unpowered spot at the back, and we could see the beach between the trees. Perfect.

We wandered down Myall Beach, a gigantic stretch of sand that led to a path that could be taken all the way to the other side for another glimpse of Cape Tribulation.

Having our JUCY van was so convenient. Since I’m a chef and obsessed with food, I made a few meals before we left and loaded it all up in tupperware containers. We ate like superstars. Well it was Mike’s birthday after all! Some dinners went like this:

That plate above was shredded pulled pork with spices, creamy mashed potatoes and sweet fried bananas. Before we left I cut a whole bowl of strawberries up and added some vanilla pods and raw sugar. Imagine the aroma! I also baked gluten free vanilla blueberry walnut muffins the morning of our departure and they stayed fresh, while they lasted. Bacon, scrambled eggs with peppers and potatoes. Seriously, I don’t mess around. Camping does not have to mean roughing it with food!

 Someone was really excited about his birthday breakfast.

We had such a great first experience with a campervan thanks to JUCY. I had not expected it to have everything. Gas stove, small tv/dvd combo, fridge, sink, bed, sunroof for stargazing, 2 batteries, everything for cooking- plates, cups, mugs, frying pan, can opener, peeler, bowls- even the chairs. The folks over at JUCY really thought of everything. 

There was not one thing we could think to add to this campervan except a slightly more quiet fan. Definitely impressed and we will be using JUCY campas again in the future! It was so liberating to be able to cook and sleep in the same place and not really have to pitch the tent, in our case having the campervan saved us since it rained the last few days of our trip and we were safe and dry inside the van. What have your campervan experiences been like? Have you ever rented a JUCY van? Tell us about it below in the comments!

We made a little present for the folks over at JUCY to show how excited we were to rent our first campa:

*We received a slight discount on our campervan from the rad folks over at JUCY, but as usual all opinions are our own.


  • Jucy Lucy says:

    Hey Guys

    So glad to hear that you enjoyed your JUCY Experience. Love the photos and the little dance at the bottom of your blog post!

    Wishing you safe travels for all your future adventures and we look forward to seeing you back in some JUCY Wheels in the future.

    Lucy xx

  • Oh that sounds like such a great trip and birthday. I road tripped a lot as a kid, but kind of forgot about how great it was after the age of 14. I think it was my trip to Oz two years ago that made me realize how much I love road trips again. And Cape Trib? That place is really incredible. Wonderful write up, makes me miss FNQ.

    • Mica says:

      Aw glad you liked it and thanks for taking the time to comment! We loved Cape Trib as well. I used to road trip so much as a child as well with my parents all over the US and we love love road trips. Oz is so good for them!

  • Rachel says:

    Hey Mica~Liked reading your post! Thanks for sharing. I’m looking into renting a JUCY van for a road trip in NZ. I was curious how tall you two are??? My hubby is kind of a tall dude and even though I know I’ll be comfy sleeping in it, I am not so sure about him. Any input?? Would love to hear it!
    Thanks guys!

    • Mica says:

      Hi Rachel, thanks for reading and commenting on our post! I am quite short- 5 foot 2, but my guy is rather on the tall side- about 6 foot 3, and he says he slept comfortably in the van. You should be fine! We are also going to be trying to rent again from JUCY in New Zealand, we leave for NZ on Saturday! When are you heading there?

  • Dee says:

    I’ve not tried a Jucy yet but look like cool vans. I think they’re great for people who are worried about driving something the size of a normal campervan and want to start off with something more car like.

    Nice photos.

  • Dee says:

    Nice photos!
    Jucy are good vans for people who aren’t sure if they want to drive something the size of a campervan. It can be a bit daunting. It’s like the gateway drug to campervanning – the mix between a car and a campervan!

    • Mica says:

      I liked the small Jucy van but now that we’ve done New Zealand in a Britz van I am torn between the two. Although the Jucy van gets better gas mileage and it was super comfy. I will definitely rent a JUCY van again next time we head out on an adventure in Oz. And yup, JUCY vans are great for first time campers!

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