Camping in the shadow of a volcanic plug- The Nut, Stanley

Leaving Corinna I took the road less traveled.

No, seriously- the famous ‘Road to Nowhere” was closed for bridge repair, really disappointing. So even though I read it was THE road to travel on, it wasn’t happening for me or anyone else that day.

Coaxing the old campervan onto the B23 then the A10, I passed the Savage river direction north, and the landscape exploded into a wet visage. Clouds gathered furiously, pelting down rain as my old wipers squeaked noisily across my windshield. Occasionally I glanced sideways, watching the clouds as they easily brush the tops of the forest trees before disappearing and reforming.

It felt remote and it was.  

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania (1 of 1)

I took video while driving through the Hellyer Gorge state reserve, trying not to crash the campervan as I held the camera steady on the dash…(not recommended!)

Passing Wynward I shifted west, finally reaching the town of Stanley to get my first view of the Nut.

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania-14

Now hiking was the last thing I wanted to do after driving for hours and then making a belly full of lunch, but I dragged myself out, walking through the tiny town towards the volcanic plug.



I huffed and puffed all the way uphill (at a snails pace punctured by moments of me using the handrail to pull myself up the path, swearing I should have taken the chair lift and feeling embarrassed as the people on said lift peered down at me.) After I caught my breath again I wandered along the 2k hike which goes all the way around the top of the Nut. By now you’re thinking, ‘wait what is this Nut she’s on about?’ as I was in essence standing on a millions-of-years-old volcanic plug. The views from the top of this plug are extraordinary. 

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania-3

This walk also allows uninterrupted views of Bass Strait which I admit might not have been looking its sunny best the day of my visit, although I was still impressed.

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania-4

I hummed out loud to my ipod tunes as I got my exercise in, opening my arms wide chasing butterflies along the way, hoping one would land on me.

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania-9

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania (2 of 4)

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania (3 of 4)

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania (4 of 4)

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania-6

The wind was fierce, whipping my hair around and making me look crazy in all my selfies. The sun, completely covered in clouds, observed me as I willed it to shed a little warmth on me. 

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania-8

On the way down, I took the lift which made my heart go in my throat as it looked to be at least 50 years old and rocked as the wind gusts hit. I focused on getting as many photos as possible and trying not to look like a sissy as I sat perfectly still in my swaying chair. Just to the right, before the shore, I could make out my campervan, it looked so tiny from up here!

 Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania-10

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania-12

Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park is nicely located at Sawyer Bay, with clean bathrooms and a great view of the Nut. You can walk along Tatlows beach, right along the shoreline. Perfect way to end the day.

Drive from Corinna to Stanley Tasmania-13

The whole town of Stanley was a preserved model of the past, with its colonial buildings brightly painted and cheerfully calling you to shop in the many stores and grab a bit to eat. I however, had a date with the stove inside of my campervan…

Camping info for Stanley, Tasmania :

Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park

AU30 hookup w/electricity (as of 2013)


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