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Substitutions for regular all purpose flour

In recent years I’ve developed terrible allergies to wheats, grains, and several other things that leave me frustrated and usually conked out on Benadryl. We’ve come up with a list of different substitutions you can use when you just don’t want ( or have) any all purpose flour handy. Here are some ideas of things [...]


Substitutions for cow’s milk

I absolutely love cow’s milk. Not sure why, but it’s just what I grew up with and what I was used to drinking. I now drink lactaid- free cow’s milk but I got love for other kinds of milk now too. If you are looking to sub out your milk, here are some options you [...]


Sweetner Substitutions

Ahh sugar. I love me some sugar. Sometimes though, too much of anything can be bad. We’re sharing some ways to substitute sugar out and try some new ways to sweeten up your recipes.Here’s how it works: For every 1/2 cup white sugar, substitute 3/4 of a cup each of any of the substitutions below. [...]


Egg Substitutions

Eggs are one of those things-super hard to substitute. The egg seems to be involved in all types of recipes, whether it be eggs, desserts, or stir-fry’s. These substitution guides below will help you swap out eggs in baking and other recipes where eggs are called for. Chef Vanessa Lane has come up with these [...]