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Peruvian amazon jungle camping- sometimes, it’s an itchy love affair

Peruvian amazon jungle camping- sometimes, it’s an itchy love affair I was told the best way to find animals in the jungle was to camp out and go exploring at nighttime. Here is a photo story of those adventures. The jungle was full of movement. I found dozens of butterflies and quietly spied on monkeys. [...]


Rafting down the river and the long walk home

We set out today intent on rafting down the river to the town of Salvacion to visit what I was told was a large lagoon. Dante guided our raft downstream, while David and Armin floated by like bad asses on a wooden raft. I was trying to figure out if I’d be better off on [...]


Feeling accomplished: 2 girls, heavy wood, and a river- adventures in Volunteering

It was a great day to be a volunteer in the Peruvian Amazon. After rescuing wood from illegal loggers on Amaru Mayu land, we had to go back and move it upstream further to prevent it from being swept away by the rising tide. The original plan was we would all sit on a piece [...]


A slice of the jungle saved- a day to remember

My time spent volunteering with Asperideq/Manu Park Volunteer was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Waking up to the birds chirping sweetly, I’d wander down to the bathroom and I got to see this. (dreamy) My fascination with this wild forest grew daily and soon I felt myself fine-tuning my ears and [...]


Volunteering with children in Cusco at Aldea Yanapay

This fantastic NGO program is run by the amazing Yuri. He works tirelessly so that the children of Cusco can have a better future. The program is supported monetarily  these days in several ways: by donations, staying at the Hostal Magico, or eating at the Yanapay Restaurant, a fun environment where playing dress-up is encouraged and the [...]


Jungle Volunteering/Eco-Volunteering with Asprideq at Amaru Mayu

I know I will never forget my amazing time in the jungle and I look forward to the day I can return and keep on providing support for this wonderful organization. This post was created to list all the contact info and a bit of history about the organization, with links, so that others interested [...]