Chef Interview- Dimitris Pamporis

Interview with Chef Dimitris Pamporis


Born in Thessaloniki in 1983, Dimitris Pamporis brings extensive experience to each menu he creates with the aim of exciting and inspiring. With a focus on the best of local ingredients his creative Modern Greek cuisine is unforgettable. Dimitris is absolutely professional, highly communicative and is distinguished for his team spirit and the ability to adapt to new situations. He’s always challenging himself to come up with new and exciting additions to the menu.


Some of the established names he’s worked for include: Grecotel Mykonos Blu 5*, the Italian Restaurant Avra, the Bistro-piano bar Restaurant. Currently he’s the creative force at Apocalypsis restaurant at the Hotel Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa 5 * (Gourmet restaurant Greek creative cuisine – Discrimination Aegean Cuisine Greek gastronomy), the Divine Hotels Company with which he cooperates in the last three years (Kos Hotel, restaurant Plefsis – Discrimination Aegean Cuisine Greek gastronomy)

What do you think about the so-called “modern” or “molecular” gastronomy?

-I think gastronomy progresses continuously, with new techniques. What I will say is that I support these new trends, when they are done with passion, creativity and respect for the raw material. This is what I am doing in my cooking. I marry the traditional with new techniques. However, you cannot make a great dish without great ingredients. So everything is relative!

The techniques required for creating “modern gastronomy” are special. It has been said the flavor of the dishes in that category break down faster, and it is not as rich as traditional cuisine. What is your response to this point of view?

-Unfortunately I often think that the result of taking a traditional recipe and making it in a modern version does not always succeed… and I think it’s because there is no proper training and knowledge in our traditional recipes. You cannot change a “soup” into a modern incarnation when you do not know how to cook traditional version. There are of course many colleagues who are awesome cooks; they are connoisseurs of Greek cuisine and when they make such a modern twist the results are clearly good. Finally, turning to your question, I would like to offer a little advice; we should learn first to surrender our right as Greeks and then move on to the next level of evolution. This is what I am teaching to my colleagues!


From your experience what are the most significant elements that someone needs to succeed in this job?

Patience – the best is yet to come

Perseverance – I will fight for it

Creativity – without it the first two are cancelled

(So for a successful recipe you need the above 3 ingredients)


Complete the phrases-

Favorite city place is… Thessaloniki

On Sundays I like to spend… drinking coffee with good friends

If I was not chef… I’d definitely be a guitarist in a rock band

One flaw that I recognize is that … I cannot say no to sweets

Much appreciated … those who promote the New Greek Cuisine

Some of Dimitris Pamporis Specialities:

Rack of tender lamb with a crust of Mironia aromatic herbs, a briam of red Florinis peppers, Sifnos style chickpeas, caramelized baby shallots and red wine gravy.

Chicken Pastitsada and pasta boiled in chicken broth, Prosciutto, asparagus, chicken gravy and tomato oil.

Sea bass with garlic – beetroot dip, bottarga croquette and citrus fruit oil with fresh vanilla.


Prawns’ tartar with fresh herbs and tsipouro, homemade pickled vegetables and fish roe mayonnaise perfumed with cuttlefish ink.

Pork with Maxim Potatoes, celery root purée with tonga bean, pork popcorn and a Sofrito sauce.


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