Inside the Chiang Dao cave

Riding the motorbike on a day trip from Chiang Mai, we landed in Chiang Dao looking for an alternative to ‘hippie’ Pai. I haven’t written about our week in Pai because I didn’t really have much to say besides what’s already been said. Pai is Pai.

The Chiang Dao cave is one of the main attractions in Chiang Dao besides the National Park or the hot springs. There are 5 chambers inside the cave to view-you can choose from the lighted paths or pay for a guide with a gas lantern to take you inside the unlit chambers.

Guess which one we picked?

Caving in the dark is awesome

I assumed since it was a dark cave, it would get nice and cool as we descended. Giving the backpack to Mike (perks of having a travel partner!) I held tight to the camera as we crawled around in the dark. The deeper we went, the hotter it got. I wondered what kind of fabric our guide was wearing because she looked as cool as a cucumber, as Mike and I started to look like we were in a steam room.

I’m sweating and scrambling through

I asked our guide if the cave had any big spiders. She promised we’d look for some. Because when you’re in a dark cave, you WANT to look for spiders, right? I mean what else would you be doing?

A few of these beauties hanging around, much to my delight

Our guide, bless her heart, had limited English, so we didn’t get too much information on the history of the cave, but she did get a kick out of showing us different shapes they’d given names to. Such as the picture frame.

Picture frame indeed.

Spotting some bats in the semi-darkness, we tried not to startle them as we clumsily trod around trying not to break a leg.

I’ve no idea what this is, but I like it.

Luckily for me, this cave had lots of spiders that other walkers tried to avoid. Mike shuffled a few feet away from me, but I got up close. Is my spider affinity a little weird?

Wanna hug?

At some point I wondered why the cave was so hot. How could it be so stuffy inside a cave? Flashback to a cave we visited in Kanchanaburi. Yup, caves get hot. I felt terrible for Mike, who seemed to have lost a pound or two in his heavy jeans.


Monks inside the cave- lucky shot

We had a nice lunch afterwards at a roadside hole in the wall joint, my favorite kind. Chiang Dao is my kind of town. I’d definitely stay here again versus going back to Pai. Hardly any other tourists around, which makes it feel like you’ve got the town all to yourself.

Nom Nom. Nom. Repeat. Have you been to Chiang Dao? Think we should go back to check out the hot springs or the park?


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