6 Dangerous but AMAZING tourist attractions around the globe

For some travelers, beautiful relaxing beaches and luxurious trips are enough to have a great time when on vacation. But there is a special group of people who are looking for slightly different tourist attractions. And if you are one of those adventurous people – then this article is just for you!

Here Travel Ticker presents a list of six dangerous tourist attractions all around the globe. Along with some terrible statistics, sometimes such adventures often end with injuries, and sometimes – even death, yet all these attractions are full of daredevils from around the globe, and they welcome other brave souls wishing to experience something truly unique and one of a kind! Would you be so brave?

1- Running from the bulls in Pamplona, Spain


Pamplona is just small town in Spain, but the whole world knows this city because of this controversial & traditional festival.
The scenario is always the same: furious bulls are chasing a crowd of people, among whom there is no shortage of visitors as well as locals. And yes, it is natural that some disasters occur, but that does not deter fearless (or crazy) daredevils who want to see if they can outrun those huge animals.
This festival’s finale may be different sometimes (either sad or joyful). Nevertheless, the festival has been going on for many years, and it seems as though it will remain that way.

2- Alnwick Garden, United Kingdom

If you love flowers and beautiful gardens you’re in luck, so if you want to check out some plants that are unique and one of a kind, then Alnwick Garden can truly amaze you.
The garden can be called the death garden as it grows a lot of poisonous plants. Visitors are not allowed to touch them. In order to protect people, plants are separated from curious visitors, therefore, you can enjoy their weird beauty from a safe distance and be sure to leave the garden safe and alive. It has been reported that the noxious fumes of the garden often cause unpleasant feelings for tourists, as some even pass out. Try to keep your visit here to a minimum.

3- The ghosts of Chernobyl, Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat is a real ghost town in the Ukraine. It became one after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in 1986, and right now, after a few decades have passed since the tragedy, tourists are becoming braver and starting to visit this town.
Although the current radiation level at this point cannot hurt people, tourists are recommended to eat outside of the zone or at least indoors. Also, it is forbidden to touch the plants or even to put cameras and their tripods, on the ground since sometimes even the smallest physical contact can be dangerous. However, this doesn’t scare some people, as they wish to see with their own eyes what the Earth would look like after the Nuclear War.

4- Helicopter tours to visit volcanoes in Hawaii

Hawaiians are very aware of the three active volcanoes on Hawaii Island. However, despite the fact that they could erupt any second, there are a few tour agencies who still organize helicopter sightseeing tours of these volcanoes.
It is perfectly fine to have a healthy curiosity of these natural wonders, but you also have to keep a respectful distance. However spurts of lava have been known to reach as high as a mile, and several tourists have been hit as they have flown above, death could be a real threat: in 1995, 30 tourists died from this type of accident, and 45 serious injuries have occurred between 1992-2002. Don’t tempt mother nature here.


5- Hua Shan mountain, China

The narrow plank path, winding on Hua Shan Mountain in Shanxi province, is often called the most extreme hiking trail in the world. It is built on a steep cliff and runs through the hand-carved cave containing the Daoism altar.
The track’s width is only 50-60 cm. The biggest danger to safety is often due to overcrowding in the summer months. Railing serves as a rock attached to the chain. This hike will give you the biggest adrenaline rush, and also test your balance– one miss placed step and you are gone!

6- Death road in La Paz, Bolivia


And the last dangerous tourist attraction can be found in Bolivia, South America. The official name of this mountain’s highway is the northern Yungas Road. But locals simply call it “El Camino de la Muerte”, which literally translates into “Death Road”.
It is not an exaggeration to say that this road has sadly claimed many lives. There are no road signs or safety fences. While on it you can see a vast number of visible wooden crosses along the way – they are intended to honor people who died on the road. If you ever take this road, which now is less likely since there has been a recently constructed highway, please wear your safety gear and ride slow!

Have you visited any of these places? How was your experience?

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    Interesting post – I think the only one I’d be game for visiting is Alnwick Garden!

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      I’d also love to visit that Garden! But then again I’m kinda nuts so except for the bulls and nuclear activity I’d love to go to the mountain in China.

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    Thanks for this informative info, very impressive :)
    Specially ‘Hua Shan mountain, China’, Seems Really Very Adventurous & Dangerous In Both Manners.

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