Day trip to Kingston and avoiding tourist-y spots

Don’t think its gonna be a good idea to ever drive from Runaway Bay to Kingston in 1 day and not be exhausted. Unless you get up at 6am, which we did not. Anyway, beautiful drive to Kingston to the Bob Marley Museum. The problem was we stumbled onto a huge accident and the road to Kingston is a one lane highway. So, there we were waiting for the police to clear away a huge truck that had tipped over on the other side of the highway. At first we thought it’d be a quick wait but it soon became apparent that this was one of those get-out-of-your-car-and-talk-to-your-neighbors kind of accident. And there was no going back the way we came-the road was narrow and wet and the traffic jam extended on each side for miles. Sigh. Gonna be a long day, but why complain when I’m in Jamaica mon?