Dorito stealing monkeys at Parque Cachamay in Puerto Ordaz

Recovering from what we thought was certain death by food poisoning acquired in Cuidad Bolivar, we figured we’d lay low for a day or two here in Puerto Ordaz. There isn’t really much to do in this expensive port town, unless you really like air-conditioned malls or spending loads of money on taxis. This is what we did while recovering. Then I read about the free parks in town. Puerto Ordaz has three free parks and I was determined we’d stop slurping store bought chicken soup long enough to check one out. We decided on Parque Cachamay because it had two things we loved-monkeys and waterfalls.

The park is very shady with lots of big beautiful trees and among them fluttered big blue morpho butterflies- the much needed breeze  was also just enough to keep us cool in the hot and humid weather. The monkeys that inhabit this park are something else. What a bunch of characters! The most insane thing was that they’d pick all the food and soda cans right out of the garbage-and proceed to eat and drink anything they could get their hands on. What a strange sight….Monkeys drinking Pepsi..I sensed something so not right about this. Nevertheless, the monkeys and the visitors seemed to appease each other-they’d feed the monkeys and then the monkeys would let them get some photos in.

We watched this monkey in a tree eating chocolate from a wrapper-just licking the wrapper clean. We’d never seen anything like it before-but the monkey seemed perfectly happy in his tree with his chocolate-it was apparent these monkeys had tasted junk food and become addicted. There didn’t seem to be any park officials around doing pepsi can & wrapper recovery so we knew this had probably been happening for a long time. The 200m wide waterfalls were a gorgeous sight. Venezuela seems to have waterfalls everywhere. If you’re laying over in Puerto Ordaz on your way out to Canaima or Los Llanos check out this interesting park.

Bring sunscreen if you’re sensitive to the sun-and if you’re  hungry, you can order some food from a concession stand selling everything from hot dogs to arepas to munchies like the famous doritos. Right outside of the park as well are half a dozen food stalls selling coconuts and other delicious fried food.  A taxi to the park should run you about 30BsF(bolivares fuertes).

Take a taxi from where ever you are and always negotiate!

Parque Cachamay

Av Guayana

Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela


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