Eco Friendly luxury in Cappadocia, Turkey

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Our stay in Cappadocia felt like a fluffy, luxurious dream that I didn’t want to wake from. We’d been housesitting for months, and decided that we’d take a break and visit the decidedly interesting region of Cappadocia, along the way we found the gorgeous Taskonaklar Boutique Hotel, a Cave hotel with an interesting history located in Uchisar. 

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Part Cave hotel, the new grounds were built preserving the old cave style dwellings, keeping the materials local and using what they could of the existing building. The results meld the old and the new together, with lots of exposed beams and distinctly different rooms. It really is a masterpiece combining ancient architecture and modern simplicity. Not too much was added, but the authenticity of the hotel is what gives it it’s distinct charm. You feel like you’ve stepped into the past here.

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This was our room above, a beautiful space with lots of light and as you can see from the bathroom below, we could have fit about 5 people in the shower for a Cappadocia party. I’ve never seen such a spacious shower. I am not sure the photos do it justice, but the steps that lead down from the sink to the rain shower area made you think you were showering in a cave-and indeed you were, as the shower ceilings are a part of the original cave. 

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Fireplace below with lots of charm, must be so cozy to make a fire in the winter here.

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The suite’s best feature lay outside with the landscape- private balcony with views over the whole area. In the morning sometimes you can see the hot air balloons gliding across the sky.

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We opted to have dinner in house one night, and the staff goes to town to collect the freshest ingredients for your 4 course meal. Everything served was delicious and we washed it down with some Rose wine we purchased earlier at one of the local wineries. The sunset was incredible and the location was hard to beat. The grounds are perfectly groomed and the staff even brought out individual blankets for us to throw over ourselves to ward off the evening chill while we enjoyed our meal.

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Besides sourcing the materials locally to build the hotel, they also employ locally and use solar panels. The hotel laundry is done in house to prevent usage of the chemicals that are used by local laundries. The hotel also dries as much of the laundry in the sun as possible to minimize the electricity usage, and they claim the air dried sheets feel much better on the skin, and we agree.

The Taskonaklar Boutique Hotel is also the first Turkish hotel to be a member of The International Eco-Tourism Society. Everyone was so nice and helpful during our stay, we really didn’t want to leave! Breakfast was filling and it gave us lots of energy to go out and explore the area on foot. We really recommend this hotel if you’re looking for a unique experience here in Cappadocia.

Details of the hotel:

Taskonaklar Boutique Hotel Website

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*Taskonaklar kindly provided us a 2 night stay, but they did not ask us to write a favorable review- as usual, all opinions are our own. Special thanks to Tolga for providing such excellent service and making us not want to leave this magical place!



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