Explore the Elements Photo Contest

There is an amazing photo contest going on by Thomas Cook, calling travel bloggers to submit their best photos in their Explore the Elements Travel Photo Competition.  The competition focuses on the elements of earth; air, water, fire and air. Now this is no ordinary contest and in fact it is being judged by some people I respect very much in the photography world.  Below are my entries!

EarthRepresents the hard, solid objects of the earth Associated with stubbornness, collectiveness , physicality and gravity

The photo I chose for Earth is from Petra, Jordan. This unique rose-red sandstone color is incredible to look at, an impressive display of what mother nature can do. When I think of the earth, sometimes I think of green, and sometimes I think of the raw forms, black volcanic rock for example, or colors like this, cut from the deepest of canyons.

Petra-by Mica Ivealis Travel This Earth

I know we can submit more than one photo for every category, so my other submission for Earth is from the massive red dirt canyons of Kauai, Hawaii. I love the contrast of green and red.

Kauai -by Mica Ivealis Travel This Earth

WaterRepresents the fluid, flowing, formless things in the world Associated with emotion, defensiveness, adaptability, flexibility, suppleness, and magnetism

For Water, I’m submitting a photo of the Gordon River, Tasmania.  Taken in the lower part of the river where the water has a distinct color due to a grass that grows and tints the waters a tea like color. Along with some morning fog, the river water reflected perfectly the clouds above.

Gordon River Tasmania-by Mica Ivealis Travel This Earth

Another entry for water is Angel Falls in Venezuela. Taken on an overcast day, you had to crane your neck to take it all in. It’s known as the one of the tallest in the world but the best part about seeing this waterfall is the 3 day adventure getting there.

Angel Falls Venezuela-by Mica Ivealis Travel This Earth

FireRepresents the energetic, forceful, moving things in the world Associated with security, motivation, desire, intention, and an outgoing spirit

My fire inspiration comes from Hawaii island and is of the Halema’uma’u Crater within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This glowing crater represents the very core of life as something always growing, always changing.

Hawaii Volcanoes Park by Mica Ivealis Travel This Earth

Certainly as new lava continues to flow, as does the landscape. The lava in the photo below makes it appear to be a face with menacing eyes, or at least that is how I view it now, with that tree branch and I even see a nose. Is it just me?

Paradise Helicopters Volcanoes Waterfalls Tour -4

AirRepresents things that grow, expand, and enjoy freedom of movement Associated with will, elusiveness, evasiveness, benevolence, compassion, and wisdom

For Air I picked a photo from a place that has some of the cleanest air- Stanley, Tasmania. I remember how windy it was, high atop this volcanic plug called the Nut. The grasses completely flattened themselves and my hair did its best to escape my ponytail and poke me in the eye.

The Nut Stanley Tasmania  by Mica Ivealis Travel This Earth

 Another photo, this one from the forest floor of Borneo, appeared these tiny shoots on mossy bark that willed themselves to live off the tiniest bit of light and air. I love photographing even the tiniest chances of life.

Borneo forest floor by Mica Ivealis Travel This Earth


I nominate the following 5 travel bloggers:

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Candice from Candice does the World

Vicky from Buddy the traveling Monkey

Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic

Dani from Globetrotter Girls


To learn how to enter the Thomas Cook #ExploreTheElements competition,  and to read the rules click here.