Portlock Point & Spitting Caves

I’ve been obsessing over my new favorite website about Hawaii, particularly all the Oahu stuff- spending hours pouring over all the trail articles, dreaming of the time when I’ll climb to the valley tops of all these new-to me-undiscovered places. But one article really stuck out. Gorgeous photos of sea cliffs. An almost secret location. Until, I discovered where it was through the power of the internet, and I realized it wasn’t really a secret. So I’ll share it with you too.

Portlock Point-1

This is Portlock Point, or also known as Spitting Rock. Basically a super chill spot with high cliffs and waves that slam against the sharp volcanic rocks. People like to jump off the cliffs into the hole above where the rainbow is coming out of. Unless you’re a skilled cliff jumper it’s almost a death wish- in the last few months 2 people have died here trying to get back onto the rocks. No joke. The second visit we had the luck of watching these two daredevils jump off twice and make it back up safely.

Portlock Point-13

Portlock Point-8

Tucked away into a residential neighborhood as so many views, waterfalls, and trails are here in Hawaii, reaching this spot is a short walk if you find street parking nearby. I like to walk all the way through the neighborhood and up the steep street that leads here so I get a workout in and the views feel more like a reward. 

Portlock Point-5


Portlock Point-6

Portlock Point-4

Portlock Point-3

Portlock Point-16

Portlock Point-12


Portlock Point-9

Portlock Point-11

Portlock Point-10

Portlock Point-7

If you’d like to visit this unique spot remember there is no shade and it gets super hot so bring water and sunscreen.

I won’t post the address but you’ll find it easily enough. Also remember to take care if you get close to the wet parks of the rock- the waves are unpredictable and you don’t want to get swept away by accident.