Florida in the early fall, what to do?

As the weather starts getting a bit cooler, Florida comes back onto my radar. The summer months are too hot to do much besides lay out by the beach or hide away surrounded by air conditioning. We’ve just completed a huge road trip from Florida to Colorado and back, and driving through the Sunshine state I wanted to stop so many times! There are over 70 state parks to explore in Florida alone.

You’re better off waiting until the later months of the year to indulge in camping or outdoor activities south of Orlando, but north of Orlando as the weather cools off there are so many options! You’ve got the obvious like Walt Disney World or one of the other many other theme parks in the area, but did you know this is the perfect time to cool off in one of Florida‘s many natural springs?


With the temperatures staying at a nice 70 degrees year round, why not go for a swim in these cool waters? Rainbow Springs State Park is only a short ride away from the Orlando airport.


Also, Silver Springs State Park another gorgeous idea, with glass bottom boat rides. Ever wondered what a manatee looks like up close? Why not go for a swim with them at Crystal River Preserve.



Florida has an endless supply of attractions, it all depends on what time of the year you visit. Hurricane season is upon is now so we’ve got cloudy skies most days which is good for spending the day outside visiting theme parks in Orlando, for example. During the later months, say November- this is the best time to go camping! Load up your car or RV and hit the road! Florida’s panhandle is exceptional for sunsets and white sand beaches. Absolutely gorgeous.

Destin sunset

You can go bird watching or search for waterfalls. Relax with a bit of fishing or go for a swim. Depending on what park you’re at, you could search for wildlife including gators, spiders or snakes!


Florida is the kind of place you’ll never run out of things to do. From the diverse food you’ll find all across the state, to taking in the natural wonders, you’ll wish you had more time to hang out!

Melbourne Beach

So let us know in the comments which part of Florida is your favorite place to hang out! Favorite parks? Secret food spots? We want to hear about it!