Food Trivia: Deniz börülcesi

Food Trivia: Deniz börülcesi 


This interesting looking plant is called Salicornia. Actually, it has so many different names- especially in the US, where we’ve also seen it called Samphire or Sea Asparagus. Here in Turkey it’s a popular dish and it goes by the name of Deniz börülcesi. It’s a salty, healthy plant that grows near the sea side, or you can grow it in your backyard. Mostly grown in Turkey but you can get it at specialty markets all around the US, or possibly online or around the Baltic sea, the Atlantic ocean, ect. The concept is to eat it as you would regular salad- except that you will cook it first!

Deniz börülcesi photo

This meal is best eaten at room temperature, as they do here in Turkey, and it’s pretty easy to prepare- we’ll have a link to a food video where you can see how its done in the next few hours. For now, here are some photos to get you motivated to find this plant so you can try it for yourself!

Deniz börülcesi (2 of 2)


Tell us: Have you ever heard of this before? Would you like to try it?