Friday Snapshot: Blue lizard in Borneo

Friday Snapshot: Sarawak, Borneo


At Mulu National Park we went for a night walk, which I love doing because you see different insects and animals come out for feeding and you can see a totally new side of a place. We spotted this cute little blue lizard just hanging out on a tree and I shined a flashlight- not on his eyes, but around him.

Peek a boo lizard!

He looks a little purple with my flashlight as well, but he was not alarmed to see me poking a lens in his face. He sat nice and still and I thanked him as I left. Such a cutie.

Do you find that sometimes animals pose for you when you photograph them? Any unforgettable stories? Share below!


  • Great shot. We absolutely find that some animals almost seem to pose for you. There was one particular sea lion cub in the Galapagos Islands I must have taken 50 shots of, and in nearly every single one he was striking a different pose. If you’re curious, it’s the 8th pic down here:

    I think photographing wildlife is all about instinct– knowing how close is too close, how to move with the animal without interfering or spooking it and, most importantly, knowing when to click the shutter. It can be maddening when they don’t cooperate, but when they interact with you like the seal pup did it can be one of the most amazing experiences you can have as a traveler. I’m addicted!

    • Mica says:

      I agree. Sometimes I see people getting way to close to animals and I think, that monkey is going to run away from you….And then when It does and they look confused, I’m thinking, well, you got up in his face!
      I looked through your best of 2011 pics and WOW! Love them! And that sea lion cub looks so adorable with his head upside down like that. Totally posing! The iguana has such striking colors. I loved that photo set. Thank you so much for sharing with me!

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