Friday Snapshot: Australian Kookaburra

Friday Snapshot: Australian Kookaburra


Oh hey little kookaburra! I had the pleasure of photographing this little guy who came to my backyard in Queensland, Australia for a few days then I never saw him again. While he was there, I fed him pieces of ham that the homeowners (an Aussie couple) gave me. I had no idea that birds ate ham but apparently this bird eats everything! They have the most interesting call. I should google it and put it here.



You’ll definitely see heaps of these guys in Australia. They have a call that sounds like humans laughing like maniacs. It’s really something else! This species is called the Laughing Kookaburra and its so obvious why, maybe not from the photo but when you hear it, you’ll know. I really miss hearing the funny bird call, especially on camping trips.

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