Friday Snapshot: Lantern fly found at Mulu National Park, Malaysia Borneo

Friday Snapshot: Extraordinary insect in Malaysia Borneo

This here gorgeous looking pair are called Lanternflies.

Despite its name and appearance the lantern fly does not emit light from the yellow tip of its ‘snout’. The insect belongs to the Laternaria genus, which was falsely believed to be luminous at night. In fact the snout-like projection is used to access tree sap, which the insect feeds on. There are approximately 60 species of Laternaria throughout Southeast Asia and almost all have wings with bright and contrasting patterns of colour. I’ve seen some darker looking ones online from photos of Goa. 


  • Ian Ord says:

    WOW – such a cool shot! I feel Borneo has some of the most incredible wildlife in the world! This is a perfect illustration of that :) My favourite spot was Bako National Park for viewings like this!

  • Michi says:

    I love seeing photos of all the unusual creatures that still exist today. It always reminds me how extraordinary our planet is. :)

    • Mica says:

      I seriously think of all the cool bugs I’ve seen in my life this is the most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen. When I look at this photo, I really want to give a big hug to whoever made these bugs so extraordinary.

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