Liverpool to London-What’s with the attitude?


Cheers and greetings to all from the bustling city of London.,arrived early this morning on the nicest train yet, a Virgin train (hehe). Well, the “tube” here, as they call it, is the subway, and I must say its highly efficient. My train was a bit late, but I made it to the station and asked the fellow for a ticket for a student rate-and he looked at me, laughed, and said “Oh you students!” like i was freakin crazy to ask for a discount. He was a real jerk. And so was the next one that i tried to get info from , so screw it, i got a nie little tube map and decided on my plans for the day after i reached the hostel. Thank goodness the hostel is right down the street from the tube, so it was easy for me to get to and also easy to catch the tube back on. I went in a circle all around London and first stop was the Tower of London, which really isnt a ‘tower’ its a big fortress where they used to make arms and torture people back in the day. Ah, i forgot to mention the fact that when i arrived it was raining London Eye 1 . Standard for London i hear. So i bought this cute umbrella with little yellow ducks (it was the cheapest since it was kid size) and off i went to see the Tower. quite impressive. Next stop was Westminster Abbey, this beautiful church where the first Queen Elizabeth and half sister Mary are buried. Beautiful church unfortunately you are not permitted to fotograph the inside. So out of respect i did not. Just the outside. On the way out I stopped to light a candle and say a prayer for my MOM. Of course i was going to do that. That almost made me cry for some reason. When i see beautiful churches i get moved to tears. Hey, sometimes a tv commercial can do that (right Millie- thats for you at Dr. F’s!!!) Well enough with the cry cry stuff. Next stop-British Musuem. I was looking forward to seeing that because they have the largest collection of African art and mummies that are thousands of years old.The musuem itself was rather large, about 2 1/2 miles long. very big and nice. I took the opportunity to use the loo because at the train station you have to pay 20 pence to use the toilet! Imagine! by the way 20 pence is 20 cents. they just changed the cents to pence,. And well its still raining 6 hours later. Everyone likes my duck umbrella. So i have been trying to access the internet apparently here in the UK they dont hear much about AOL so i have had to come to a cafe near my hostel to get on. I tried to get to the library, and i am asking this lady on her cell phone “excuse me, is this the right way to the library?” and i swear -im not kidding she just looked at me and pointed to her cell like she was talking to the President (or Queen or whatever) so i wanted to curse at her but i just kept walking and i found it myself London Eye 2 -and no, I didnt ride it . I am actually rather happy to be leaving the UK, the pound is really really expensive even compared to the Euro. At this rate i will be asking for money really soon. (anyone wants to donate let me know!!!) I did have 2 mor sandwiches with the bread and cheese and ham from yesterday so that took care of that. Tomorrow i am off to the Dali Universe-really excited about that. I am a big Salvador Dali fan. Then after that i will be going to the train station to meet up with Kristina so we can go to Amsterdam. :-) She will travel to Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland, and Venice with me before heading off to Germany. Now this is not the same Kirstina i met that lives in Barcelona. This is a different one. She is from Sheffield near to London. met her 1 month ago on the travel website. i have talked to her alot on the phone already. Well will write when i get to Amsterdam. Again i must say i am impressed with the way i figured out the tube so quick, without help from these English bastards!! Ha!! Americans are way smarter ( at least this Puerto Rican is.) Cheers!!!


  • kate says:

    I was really excited to discover another new travel blog, but as an English person reading ‘these English bastards’ I dont think I’ll read any more. And, yes, if you interrupt a stranger’s phone call in the street, us english bastards do consider it quite rude.

    • Mica says:

      Hello Kate, I am always happy for people to discover my blog. Thanks for reading this post, and if you did catch the date it was way back in 2005. It was my first trip, before anyone was “travel blogging’ and these notes are from a diary I kept while on that trip. Unfortunately, most of the people I encountered on that trip were less than friendly. I am sorry if you were offended, but if you knew me you would know that I have friends from all over the world and none of them take offense to the things I write. Especially things that I wrote 7 years ago. I do hope that you re-consider and stop by again to read some of my newer posts, which reflect the growth and observations of my current travels. Take care.

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