Giveaway- Oktomat Lomography Camera + 4 rolls of film!

Another GIVEAWAY! This time, we are giving away our fun little Oktomat!

Ocktomat pic

This super funky 35mm film camera has 8 lenses that all go off when you press the shutter button! You get 8 frames in 2.5 seconds. So many ways to photograph things with this camera! I’ll share some of our funniest Oktomat shots:

Ocktomat 1

Clearly I was really into football season back then.

Oktomat 2

And the tech specs side of it in case you want more:

Every picture tells a story when you take it with this funky photographic tool. The Oktomat rapidly fires through 8 tiny lenses in serial succession over a span of 2 seconds. The 8 frames are composed together, producing a mini photo vignette of each print. A lomographic camera that begs experimentation and creativity, the multi-frame format captures movement in interesting, pop-art ways. To get a sweeping close up of stationary subjects, move the camera toward the subject while clicking the shutter. Moving subjects call for good framing, which you master as you go. The flash-free camera requires sun lighting for best results and uses standard 35mm film (and standard processing). Collapsible viewfinder. No focusing.

We are including 3 rolls of the best 35mm film we have Fujifilm 24 exposures in Color. So when you receive it you can head straight out and shoot! I’ve already prepped the camera with a roll – so you are really getting 4 rolls of film!

I have loved my Lomography Cameras for a long time and I am so happy to be able to share and give them away!

The prize includes:

1 Oktomat Lomography Camera

4 rolls of Fiji color film 24 exposures
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