Giza pyramid photos

Giza all day- pyramid photos

I recently visited the great pyramids of Giza. I was not as impressed or as ‘awed’ as I thought I would be. Maybe I’m just a bigger fan of hieroglyphics. Or maybe I’m just a pyramid snob. But as the afternoon wore on, I began to appreciate the pyramids so much more.

Giza Pyramids-5

I visited the Giza pyramids with Jaime from BreakawayBackpacker and his excitement rubbed off on me. He “EEeeeeed”! his way around the ruins and squealed with excitement (typical Jaime which I love). Meanwhile I was busy trying to figure out how to set up the tripod without it getting blown over by the dusty gusts of wind. The weather changed from sunny to cloudy in an instant and it did this all day, but the wind never died. All of my photos have different lighting, which I loved.

Giza Pyramids-7

We arrived early, and as the sun was setting we raced to the entrance to photograph the Sphinx and get our butts up to the Pizza hut, where we heard we could watch the sun fully set with the best view. With pizzas and cokes in hand, we sat on the rooftop and watched the sun change into different shades of orange before fading into a purple-red and disappearing.  Sunsets never cease to amaze me.

The following are my favorite Giza pyramid photos.

Giza Pyramids-3

Giza Pyramids-2

Giza Pyramids-9

Giza Pyramids-4

I really liked this photo because it mixes the old with the new- the ancient pyramids and the concrete road built in right between them.

Giza Pyramids-13

Giza Pyramids-1

Giza Pyramids-16

Giza Pyramids-15

Giza Pyramids-14

Giza Pyramids-12

Giza Pyramids-17

Giza Pyramids-10

Giza Pyramids-11

We visited the pyramids on a day trip from Cairo. Affordable and easy, we took the metro from Cairo to the Giza station. Negotiate with a taxi driver when you arrive and they will take you straight to the pyramids, which is another 10 minute drive. We paid about 12 pounds, which is the local price. After you’ve walked around all day, you can watch the sun set from the Pizza Hut which is in front of the exit, you’ll walk right into it on your way out. Ironic, I know- to be at a Pizza Hut in the desert- but it really does have the best view.

Have you visited the pyramids of Giza? What did you think? Or is it on your travel list?


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