Big Island photography with Hawaii Camera


I’ve had this dilemma happen countless time while traveling….Wishing I had that perfect DSLR lens to shoot with. 

When we lived in Thailand, we conveniently had a shop where we could rent lenses from. It worked out great. But we never did it again, the idea forgotten. When I planned out my trip to Hawaii Island, I knew I wanted something powerful to shoot with. A great lens, the best I could get. A Google search connected me with Hawaii Camera.


Within minutes I was on their website, scanning through the Canon lenses until I found the baby I was looking for. Canon’s 70-200mm f2.8L IS II, one of their best lenses and perfect for capturing those distant shots with lightning speed. The rental process was easy- check pricing, availability & more all at once on the lens info page. 

Screen shot Hawaii Camera

This is almost as dangerous as shopping for clothes! Add lenses or other gear as you wish to your shopping cart. If you want you can have the lenses delivered by Fed Ex or you can pick up at the store.  Located in Kaimuki you’re welcome to talk to the friendly staff and ask questions about any lenses or gear. And going to the store is fun too! Lots of eye candy on display. Lighting, cameras, you name it- its all there.

Window logo

I picked up my lens the day before my trip- everything I needed cleanly and neatly packaged & ready. This is the beauty of renting from a proper rental store- no worry, just take your lens/gear away and go have some fun with it!

Below are some photos I took on Hawaii Island with my Hawaii Camera rented lens.



Paradise Helicopters Volcanoes Waterfalls Tour Mica Ivealis-7


Paradise Helicopters Volcanoes Waterfalls Tour -5


Paradise Helicopters Volcanoes Waterfalls Tour Mica Ivealis-13




I’m happy with the service and ease of renting a DSLR lens with Hawaii Camera and I highly recommend using them if you’re in need of any camera equipment while visiting Hawaii. They ship to all the islands and are open 7 days a week. With incredible rental deals there is no reason not to rent the gear of your dreams to capture those magical shots in Hawaii, I know I’m already dreaming of my next rental.


-Big Mahalo to Hawaii Camera for their partnership in my Hawaii Island trip. As always, all opinions are my own.





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