Helicopter tour of Kauai- Photos from the Garden Isle

All you need to know about Kauai is that this island is paradise on earth and if you don’t already have a few good reasons to visit, I’ll show you a few photos and see if I can’t convince you. After all, even if you’re on a budget you could come and pitch your tent somewhere on this gorgeous piece of land. Anywhere, almost. There are dozens of beaches worth exploring. Hikes worth waking up sore for.

Safari Helicopter Tour-Mica Ivealis-TTE

And even more important, there is a helicopter tour available that just might make you shed a tear when you see how incredible Kauai looks. I already know I’m a bit of a softie but our experience with Safari Helicopters was so top notch that I felt really sad when we had to leave. We shared a few moments with these kind folks and the hugs I gave them aren’t enough to express how the Helicopter tour of Kauai left me: speechless and a bit woozy, but incredibly happy.

Safari Helicopter Tour-Mica Ivealis-TTE-26

Not even the overcast skies could ruin my day, in fact, they made it even better. Because even with the absence of sun, we had dramatic clouds, fog, and hundreds of waterfalls that appeared as if by magic from the overnight storm.

A huge special note has to be made here to address how awesome Sherill was as soon as we arrived to Safari Helicopter headquarters. Now here was a man with a sense of humor I could relate to. He was cracking so many jokes I could barely wrap my head around them. This is the kind of guy you want on your camping trip, know what I mean? After our safety briefing (which was serious, but so spiked with funny bits) you really started to feel at ease and relaxed. We got lucky and Sherill was also driving us to the launch pad. Too bad we couldn’t stick him in the cockpit with us! We lined up according to our number and he began to call us over to commence boarding.

Safari Helicopter Tour Kauai-Mica Ivealis TTE-2

Our pilot was Brian and in a strange coincidence, I learned that he used to live in a town that I also lived in (Hollywood, FL) long ago which was crazy to know. The world is small, right? Brian was also a pro at making sure I was able to get as many shots as possible without getting any glare, which always happens and is inevitable when doing helicopter shots unless you do a ‘doors off’ tour. The team had instructed everyone to wear as dark colors as possible, which we followed but the person sitting in front of me had forgotten this advice and worn a pair of bright red shorts which I caught in every photo in the beginning. This is when Brian came to the rescue, as I peeled off my dark fitted raincoat and rather slyly thew it over the poor guy’s leg. He was a great sport about it, trying to almost wear the jacket at times. We had a great group of young travelers all trying to get some good shots so we all understood each other.

And we’d all come to be amazed, and AMAZED we were. With views like this:

Safari Helicopter Tour Kauai-Mica Ivealis TTE-9

Safari Helicopter Tour Kauai-Mica Ivealis TTE-4

Safari Helicopter Tour Kauai-Mica Ivealis TTE-11

Safari Helicopter Tour-Mica Ivealis-TTE-22

The office staff were incredibly kind, themselves getting to witness a gleeful ‘omg it’s so beautiful!!!!!’ squeal that I let out upon our return. But they all thankfully missed my tears of joy when we flew over the dozens of dozens of waterfalls as my skin got goosebumps & chills at seeing how magnificent the landscape was.

Safari Helicopter Tour Kauai-Mica Ivealis TTE-8

Safari Helicopter Tour-Mica Ivealis-TTE-14

Safari Helicopter Tour-Mica Ivealis-TTE-25

Safari Helicopter Tour Kauai-Mica Ivealis TTE-7

Safari Helicopter Tour Kauai-Mica Ivealis TTE-12

With so many things to do on Kauai, this is definitely at the top of the list. I threw it out there into the universe that I wanted to go, and it happened. Give yourself a few days in case the weather isn’t ideal- besides, you’ll be in between hiking trips and exploring caves so you’ll have time. A week on Kauai isn’t enough. But if it’s what you’ve got, do yourself a favor and make a helicopter tour your top priority. It will amaze you.



A special Mahalo to all of the wonderful, beautiful people at Safari Helicopters. A hui hou kākou.