Hello Ireland- nice to meet you


Dublin is such a nice city, i cannot believe that i am here , no I havens gotten lost (haha to all that thought i might)

My plane ride over was uneventful but stroke of luck on my leg from Newark to Dublin I managed to not get sat next to anyone and I snoozed the whole way over. I woke up to the most beautiful view ever. Sunrise over never ending rolling fields of green and water and cliffs and I wished my window opened wider just for me to stick my head out of and take a picture! It was like I fell asleep in familiar land and I woke up in a magical place. I was jumping out of my seat to get off the plane. When I get off I went outside to check out which bus was cheapest to get me to my hostel- Barnacles Temple Bar House, located next to the rowdy Temple Bar district, full of bars and restaurants.

A touristy place but nonetheless worth a look see.



Waiting for the bus I had decided to take, I felt like an early morning smoke. I fished out a ciggy from my pack and looked around at the beautiful early morning day-and at all the other backpackers. Someone asks me for a light, and I decided to ask her if she lived here in Dublin. Turns out Cristina is from Barcelona here to visit some friends,. And yes she is going to the same area as I to search for her hostel. A Spanish friend so soon? That was great. We started gabbing away and before you know it this double decker arrives to drive us on the wrong side of the road to our hostel. I had to get used to this! It took about 5 minutes!! Cris was laughing at me. We decide to drop off our things at our respective hostels and meet up to walk around. My first concern was getting a calling card to phone home and let the folks know I had made it in one piece. Dublin had great weather, and by the time I got to my hostel, I went to find my room and laid on my bed and just sat there. First time sharing a room with strangers. A couple minutes later I realize there is someone over my head sleeping. It was probably around 11 or so, sleeping off his hangover I daresay. I realized i had to go to the bathroom, and I will spare you the rest, needless to say I was a bit embarrassed as it was total silence in the room! I changed and locked up my stuff with my new lock and off to meet up with my new friend.

Everyone is so darn friendly!!!!
We are going to check out some pubs, will write more soon but so far i am loooving this !!!!