The local bus & the rest on foot-hiking to the Boh Tea Plantation

In our quest to try to stay fit we thought we’d do some hiking up to the Tea Plantations. The closest one to us was the Boh Tea Plantation, the largest tea plantation in Malaysia.

Taking the local bus from Tanah Rata, we made our way out of town early enough. The weather was perfect- a sunny day with not a cloud in the sky.

The views when we started the hike

We watched trucks full of tourists zoom past us on their way to the strawberry farms and tea plantations.

Picture perfect tea farms

The best part of not being on a tour is that you’re not in any rush. We walked along slowly, smelling the breeze, taking pictures, and the views were stunning.

Picture opportunities every few feet

This was the first time we encountered what I thought was the perfect weather for hiking- sunny days but with a mild climate-not humid, not hot, breezy- it was perfect. After a few hours we made it up to the Boh Plantation. We were more than ready for a break.

Tea leaves just cut and sorted

We thought we’d get into one of the free tours they have of the factory, but the one that was listed up was cancelled. No big deal, they still let us look around and we read all about how the tea goes from the field to your cup.

Back in the day this was the bag they used to carry the tea leaves in

Since we had to walk back and I have a terrible bladder, I skipped out on the tea (I know who does that?) and had some cheesecake instead. The cafe had some pretty panoramic views of the tea fields below.

The cafe inside the Boh Tea Plantation

A sip of water (and a bathroom break) & were ready for the hike back to the road where we’d catch the bus back to town. I was feeling pretty lazy by then so Mike ran alongside me with the umbrella like that guy that used to hold the umbrella for Puff Daddy (or P.Diddy) and encouraged me to jog it out. It was pretty funny and it made it hard to jog when he was making me laugh so hard.

I was so glad we walked so I could stop and photograph this

We decided to be total badasses and walk all the way back into town after getting a ride back to the road by a lone cabbie that stopped to pick us up. That was a great plan until the clouds rolled in, and the rain came down-we stuck to the edge of the sidewalk and shared an umbrella, both of us listening to our ipods. When we got back we rewarded ourselves with 2 hour massages. Perfect ending to the day.

Have you visited this tea plantation? How was your tea?



  • I’ve only been to a coffee plantation, but I would LOVE to visit a tea plantation. Awesome pics!

    • Mica says:

      Thanks Andi! This was the most beautiful place, I would love to experience it again. The weather was gorgeous, you’d love it.

  • Kyle says:

    I just cannot get over the color and lushness of all the places that you’ve been to. I swear, every time you post I am drooling over the photos!

    • Mica says:

      Kyle mija you flatter me. But honestly, you’re right- the locations are making perfect pictures themselves. It works out so good!

  • Hi Mica,
    Beautiful photos! The images are so clear and the views are stunning. I didn’t know Malaysia has this treasure. I only know of their world famous towers.
    That last shot reminds me of rice terraces. I’d love to go there and sit at that cafe sipping tea while looking at that awesome view.
    Someday, someday…

    • Mica says:

      Thanks Theresa! Malaysia was definitely beautiful, and the Cameron Highlands trip was a highlight for us. Especially the amazingly cool weather.

  • Tobias says:

    Stunning pictures! Never knew tea plantations were such beautiful places…

  • Laura says:

    I went to this same tea plantation last year. It’s just beautiful! I loved the Cameron Highlands. We planned to walk to the plantation as well, but unfortunately I was battling a bad infection in my leg that made it difficult to walk. We hired a taxi driver for the trip and he was a character- at least it worked out :)

    • Mica says:

      Laura thats awesome that you saw the same one. It is so beautiful, isn’t it? However you had to get there at least you got to see it and I’m happy you loved it as well. Did you get to do the proper tour?

  • awesome restaurant, really you should glad during take this photograph.The largest tree plantation in Malaysia. nice scene in the ,Malaysia. tourist should see the place definitely.

  • Natalie says:

    Wow!!!!!! This looks amazing. Your photos are really beautiful. You’ve completely sold it to me, I’m going t have to add this to my travel list for Malaysia in Feb :)

    • Mica says:

      That’s wonderful news Natalie. If I’ve convinced one person to visit a place that I thought was truly worth it- knowing that just made my day. Glad you liked my photos and enjoy the highlands on your visit. Really beautiful place.

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