Hiking to Dock Bay via the Kepler Track at Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park has 3 of New Zealand’s ‘Great Walks’ (Milford, Kepler, & Routeburn). We were somewhat short on time but we wanted to capture the beauty of the lush forests within the park. We settled on hiking to Dock Bay via the Kepler Track.

For our first short trek we parked the campervan at the control gates along the banks of the Te Anau lake for a  2 hour forest walk . The day was cloudy and fog dotted the mountain tops. We were lost in the silence and the other world-ly feel of the forest.

 The photos I took are mostly macro shots and are completely unedited. This is how beautiful New Zealand is- and I wanted to be able to show you in my new wider post series. This is the first post from the new series in which the photos are much wider than my usual posts.

dock bay track nz-8

dock bay track nz-12

dock bay track nz-4

I really liked the spider web details in this shot.dock bay track nz-9

dock bay track nz-5

dock bay track nz-2Dock Bay, where we kissed when we remembered it was our 5th year together!

dock bay track nz-16

dock bay track nz-10

dock bay track nz-14

dock bay track nz-7

dock bay track nz-11

dock bay track nz-13

dock bay track nz-6

dock bay new zealand walk (2 of 2)

dock bay new zealand walk (1 of 2)



If you would like to walk the Kepler Track  or any smaller parts of it, you can find information by visiting the website for Fiordland national Park here.

I’ll be writing all about the rest of our trip around the South Island in the next few weeks, if you have any question about trekking in New Zealand be sure to let us know in the comments or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help.


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