Honey vinaigrette, easy salad dressing recipe

I love cooking because I have complete control of the ingredients, especially if I am trying to eat healthy. I want colorful, fresh, and local. Honey Vinaigrette- the easiest salad dressing with your favorite local honey!

I found a locally sourced Sage & Mango honey at a Whole Foods in Redondo Beach and I knew it would be better suited for dressings than sweets. It did not have a particularly sweet flavor and after a few tries we were making this salad almost every day during our house sit there. This is so simple to make- check out the recipe below and try it for yourself!

Salad with honey dress



Cooking should be fun, not stressful- so unless the measurements are necessary (such as for baking) I think you can use your best judgement and taste as you go along. You can’t go wrong! For this particular salad, we used green leaf lettuce, red onions, and sunflower seeds. For extra flavor you can toast the sunflower seeds. Use this dressing on your favorite salad combination and let us know how it turned out in the comments below!