Cappadocia Sunrise Hot Air Balloon in Turkey

Cappadocia Sunrise Hot Air Balloon in Turkey

I’ve been hot air ballooning in Egypt and I absolutely loved it, so when we got to Cappadocia I wanted to do it again. Turkey is quite famous for the Cappadocia region and the ever popular hot air balloon activity. I knew it would be completely different from the views down to the experience as they take hot air ballooning quite seriously. We knew a sunrise hot air balloon in Turkey would be a unique experience!

There are so many different flight operators to choose from. At the end of this post we’ll talk about who we chose and why, but for now please enjoy some of the photos & video we captured that morning. The rose tinted valleys and mountains sparkled with the morning light. Millions of years of carving out these incredible looking rocks and the landscape is other worldly!

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Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon-2

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Champagne Set up Butterfly Balloons


We decided to go with Butterfly Balloons because they had the best deal, great reviews, and most importantly- the take off site.

When you read reviews for different companies that do hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, usually they say that the take off site was either too close to the other balloons or really far away and they missed the sunrise. In the case of Cappadocia, Butterfly Balloons drove us to an area where there were no other balloons launching. Yes, we could see balloons in the air already, but the best part of the sunrise was yet to arrive. We also stayed in the air longer than any other balloons. There were only 1 or 2 other balloons still in the air at the end of our flight as we chose the Butterfly Beyond flight which gave us a smaller basket (less people) and a longer flight.

Our pilot Mike was so skilled he was able to maneuver the balloon so that we were able to pick fruit from a tree (seriously!) head in different directions, flying low (away from the other balloons, which was great) and then super high. Really impressive. Pilot Mike has 12 years of flying experience combined with a great sense of humor so overall we had a really nice time.

Now the breakfast was not exactly as grand as some of the other companies I read about- but I didn’t pay for a 4 star breakfast I paid for a safe and happy hot air balloon experience! 

Overall we highly recommend Butterfly Balloons- the trip isn’t cheap but its worth it. We are so glad we did it.


*Disclosure: We partnered with Butterfly Balloons & received a small discount on our Butterfly Beyond flight but they didn’t ask us to choose the fancier package or write a favorable review, and as usual all opinions are our own.