How far is the metro from the hostel exactly?

Well well well; Bonjour velcome to Paris! Arrival in Paris great except didnt realize that the hostel would be so many blocks from the metro stop! I an trying to get used to the computer the keys are just all over the place! Ah well what can i say Paris has lived up to my expectations. I am glad I will have 1 last night here before going back to the real world next month. Tina and I arrived about 1 or so and went straight to leave our stuff so we could zip around by the metro;(after we took a breather in the room from the 15 minutes or so it took us to reach the hostel) it really is intersting how great the metro runs, u can get anywhere just like London  in minutes!Just zip around all over the place. And we have gone to walk down the Champs-Elysees;with all the shops and food, my favourite is a simple place called Bon Pain, you just walk up and order a baguette with and kind of meat or cheese and a drink and dessert, and they have there rasberry tarts that drove me mad its so freakin yummy. I even bought one to eat NOW. as I write this. also went to see the Arc de Triomphe,and like i saw rick steves and alot of other travelers on TV i decided to not take the sidewalk and just grab tina and run in the middle of the traffic roudabout to get across. Tina was a bit petrified.With the near run overs in Amsterdam she wasnt taking any chances. Also took metro walked to see the Notre Dame, which is oh so impressive, lots of people sitting and enjoying the day. We closed our evening with getting to the Eiffel Tower right at Sunset: Yes it is something that everyone must come to see at least 1nce in your lives; absolutely beautiful. And of course we took the cheap way up-the stairs, and then the lift to the top…WOW!!!! cèst magnifique!!! It was so funny too because we got there and were thinking ok there is no line to pay to walk up the stairs the lines that were long were the ones that wanted to take the easy was up,.well off we go round and round and round up the stairs and you get dizzy and you wonder if its only a bit way up to go. It was still light when we got there but by the time we made it all the way uop and found the right entrance to get in the lift to get up it was dusk by the time we got up it was dark, so it was fantastic to get the whole transition.Its so shocking , the view , that you want to run to every corner and photograph every angle in case you miss anything. Took our time up there and walking back down. My legs are getting the greatest workout ever. And tina is a hiker so sometimes she leaves me in the dust!