Day trip from Pai-Huai Nam Dang National Park

Day tripping from Pai town, we made our way to the Huai Nam Dang National Park.

Huai Nam Dang Nat'l Park

About a 40 minute ride out of Pai on the 1095, you’ll come across this park on the left hand side. The entrance fee was between 200-250 Baht.

A cloudy day with these views is still alright in my book.

This is a large park, covering 1252 square kilometers. It’s also Thailand’s 81st national park.

Parking lot for one of the look out points.

There were 2 look out points reachable by motorbike. We tried to head to one of them, but the road was rocky and Mike decided to go back- and I trust his judgement. Maybe with a tour group in a van it would have been ok, but we were literally the only souls in the park we’d seen so if we ran into trouble there would be no one to help us.

Mist all over the mountains

We wandered out over the other viewpoint, which has ample parking. The mist covered the mountains making visibility almost nil. We decided to wait a while and see if it would clear up. The weather was ideal- mild and cool.

The mist was clearing!

You can also inquire about sleeping in one of the 4 guesthouses available. They looked really spacious, we’d say they might sleep about 6. The views outside the guesthouses is incredible. Camping is also available here but you must check with the gate house/ranger.

Guesthouses available for rent

Some other photos:

Views on our way back out of the park

The sun came out at the end of the day

We were there in October, which is not really tourist/busy season so that might have been why we saw so few people. Inquire about camping and staying in the guesthouse from the guard gate when you enter. We would definitely consider renting a guesthouse for a future visit. There are so many day trips you can take all around Pai that don’t involve the same waterfall/hot springs routine we saw most travelers take. Support the national parks instead!



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