Ice Trekking on Fox Glacier

Over the edge of the rainforest cliff side, we peered out at the panoramic view of an enormous white and gray glacier. We walked in our t-shirts through the forest, stopping to drink water from one of hundreds of small waterfalls that crisscross the sloping peaks. We admired the height of the mountaintops, which were gently dusted with snow, receding each day with the warm incoming spring. 

We had arrived at Fox Glacier.

The longest on New Zealand’s South Island, Fox Glacier is one of the most accessible glaciers in the world. The weather can change in an instant, going from blindingly sunny skies to misty fog and rain drizzles. 

Sometimes pictures can tell a story best, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Our guide Dave shows us a medicinal plant used by the native Māori people

Our walk began with sunny blue skies

Mud from the glacier- I took some home with me to make a facial!

Excited and tired at the end, but exhilarated about witnessing something so large, and in a way, dangerous. Not that we were in any danger on our walk. We had fun wearing crampons (spikes that go over boots) and digging our feet into the ice as we walked. A definite highlight of our South Island trip. If you want to see glaciers and trek on ice in New Zealand then we recommend Fox Glacier Guides. They have the right idea in providing coats, boots and packs for your camera/food, besides the crampons and walking sticks. Nice touch.

We thought we’d have more trouble trekking on the Nimble Fox all day walk since we’ve gotten a bit out of shape, but it was challenging enough. Next challenge: landing on a glacier in a helicopter!

Have you trekked glaciers? Where so?

*We received a complimentary trip with Fox Glacier Guides but they did not ask me to post so many photos of the amazing glacier or force me to take mud home with me for a facial. That last crazy idea and all other opinions are our own.


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