I’ve got too much smoke in my eyesss


Well today has been nice, we have gone to the towns Haarlem and Alkamaar, pretty little towns accesible by train, so we decided to make use of our rail passes. Alkamaar was about 25 minutes from Aamsterdam, so we went to that one first. It was small, with a main square for the market which we learned wasnt opent today. darn., We walked about a bit, then went to Haarlem, that was a bit bigger,with a bigger central square, but very nice,old medieval buildings,both towns actually, and with nice carvings on the tops of the roofs.
My my what an amazing time in Amsterdam..Our hostel has the best music downstairs which is always playing, 24 hours a day. And wouldntcha know it, a coffee shop perfectly sitauted at the corner. I have spent time there, yes. I would love to stay a while longer here..