Jungle Volunteering/Eco-Volunteering with Asprideq at Amaru Mayu

Come visit/volunteer here. You'll never forget it.

I know I will never forget my amazing time in the jungle and I look forward to the day I can return and keep on providing support for this wonderful organization. This post was created to list all the contact info and a bit of history about the organization, with links, so that others interested in Volunteering at this jungle paradise can find out how to get in on the action.

*Taken from the website for Asprideq:

ASPRIDEQ´ Is a non profit organization, was founded in 1994 with the main objective of protect and conserve the environment. It aims to be a working model for the development of a sustainable system to manage the pristine forest. This foundation hopes to promote and create consciousness in relation to the adequate use of technology and the indirect exploitation of natural resources from the fragile rain forest of the mountain chain of Piñi Piñi River.

The geographical location is within the buffer Zone of Manu National Park. district and province of Manu. The location of the land of Amaru Mayu is a transitional area between the high and low jungle.

When participating within the Eco-volunteer program means that you will be in full cooperation with the person/s in charge of the maintenance of the reserve where you are staying.

The type of work that you can choose to undertake will depend upon your expectations and skills:
Protecting physically and legally specific 1,000 hectaries and implementing its sustainable management.
Practicing wildlife collecting data.
Practicing collecting data on flora with medicinal qualities, orchids, seedling trees, and other interest species.
Monitoring and reintroduction endemic animals to their natural habitat.
Agriculture (maintenance, implementing and planting).
Workshop on Environmental awareness teaching program for local or indigenous children.
Atending and sustainable management of the touristic at base camp.
Promote and improve the webpage.
Constructing structures and infrastructure.
Maintenance the machines and trails.
Personal project and others.

Sounds fascinating, right? Want to help out? Contact Karina or Dante for more information:

The main website: www.manuparkvolunteer.com

Find them on facebook : Asprideq-Manu Park Volunteer or Asprideq-Manu Park Volunteer in Spanish