Kaikoura Lavender Farm: Botanical Treasures

Follow your nose in the right season and you’ll find the turnoff for the Kaikoura Lavender Farm on New Zealand’s South Island.

On the outskirts of Kaikoura follow the seaside road, which is dotted with white snowy tipped mountains in the background and leads to this peaceful farm that fits in perfectly with the surroundings.

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-1

Our views were of Mt. Fyffe and the Kaikoura mountains on this bright and sunny day. The air was hot and the hum of the bees swarmed dangerously loud around us as they buzzed furiously from flower to flower.

Lavender Farm Kaikoura red flowers

The bees here didn’t have to be picky-these lucky fellas had a such a colorful array of flowers to choose from. I could not stop taking photos.

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-7

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-9

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-8

We walked the grounds, admiring the perfectly sculpted corners, the colorful bunches of petals that we identified by the description tags at the bottom.

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-4

This laid back garden has many different New Zealand native plant and flower species. Open from September to May, we arrived a few weeks to early to see the lavender in all its glory. So many little gems here:

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-2

Have a seat in the circle of thyme and admire the view. I sat down and closed me eyes, listening to the bees, the wind, the birds. Nature in a perfect display.

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-3

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-11

Lavender Farm Kaikoura white flowers-2

Kaikoura Lavender farm plants (1 of 2)

Kaikoura Lavender farm plants (2 of 2)

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-13

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-12

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-5

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-10

The next logical step was a wander inside the gift store to smell the soaps, and to taste- what else? Lavender ice-cream.

Lavender Farm Kaikoura-14


Also located at the lavender farm is Dylan’s Country Cottages, 2 rustic style cabins set among the lush grounds.

The Lavender Farm is located 5 minutes drive out of Kaikoura so its perfect for a day trip. In lieu of an entrance fee the farm accepts donations by honor system at the entrance to the gardens.

Tip: Coordinate your visit so you get to see the lavender in full bloom.


  • Sofie says:

    Love the pictures!
    I’ve actually just published my very first bucket list and walking through a giant lavender field is one of the items on there:)

    • Mica says:

      Hi Sofie, Thank you!
      I know, I always wanted to go through a field of lavender and I was kinda bummed when we got there and I realized it wasn’t the season yet, but it was bueautiful all the same :-)

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