Kempinski The Spa in Budapest

We’d been exploring the city like mad men- walking around for hours and hours eating & photographing everything in sight. In desperate need of some relaxation time, we found a place to relax the afternoon away-the Kempinski luxury spa at their Hotel Corvinus in Budapest.


Upon arrival we were given welcome drinks and fluffy white robes with fuzzy slippers. Ahhh. Doesn’t that just make you feel more relaxed already?

Kempinksi Luxury Spa


The spa is inspired by the changing of the seasons and each new season brings a change in the treatments the spa offers. I opted for a Bio-Rejuvenating facial and Mike chose the Budapest Signature treatment which was an incredible 2 hours of pure bliss, or so he said. Beginning with a mother of pearl body scrub, moving into a warm Thyme and Mint aromatic massage, and an application of hot stones finished off with a warm oil head massage. Sounds pretty wonderful right?

My bio-rejuvenating facial had so many different steps I was happy that my face was getting so much attention, I mean much more than I give it normally. Our spa technicians were so incredibly nice and spoiled us rotten. I emerged from my facial before Mike was done and I had some time to sit alone and enjoy the downtime as I sipped on some tea and a little chocolate wafer treat I was given when I finished my treatment. Chocolate, tea and a facial? Budapest, I truly love you.

Kempinksi Luxury Spa-2

After our treatments ended we reluctantly went on a fabulous tour of the Kempinski, otherwise known as a mini-city. SPA

With fine dining restaurants such as NOBU, and the eclectic Blue Fox Bar, the range of food and beverage options was impressive- we even wandered into a macaroon shop on site! Settling on a quick meal at ÉS Bisztró, we munched on the Caesar Salad & pulled pork sandwich. I liked the quirky way the bread was served- in a little pot with butter dotted with black salt.


An interesting fact about this hotel is one of its most famous visitors was the late Michael Jackson, who had a penchant for the luxurious Royal Corvinus Suite, staying there multiple times and waving adoringly out the window at his fans gathered on the sidewalks below. After he died, a memorial was set up in a tree across the street from the hotel and to this day people leave flowers and little notes there. 

Corvinus Presidential Suite

We toured the suite and it was the most opulence I’ve seen to this day. When we come back to visit Budapest, I think we both agree we’ll be making a booking at the Kempinski- perhaps not in the Royal suite though!

Tell us, where is the most luxurious place you’ve ever stayed?


*Many thanks to the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest who hosted our relaxing spa time. As always, all opinions remain firmly our own.